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Velvet: a material for all season

Velvet: a material for all season

Velvet can be an elegant touch for your home décor. Here are some tips on how to make it suitable for spring too.

Velvet is undoubtedly a luxurious material: it is capable of making everything look sophisticated and elegant, from a gown to a piece of furniture. That said, it is also true that velvet can look a bit heavy, especially as far as home décor goes. You should now that velvet is to be handled with a little caution, if you want to keep it classy – nobody wants his house to look like a parody of the villa In the Scarface movie, but if they do, they should probably stop reading this article. Furnishing a home with velvet is not just a winter prerogative, on the contrary: if you follow a but smart tips, velvet will transform into a spring-like material in no time. Just as linen and cotton. Velvet can look light and ethereal. Here is a smart guide on how to use velvet as a material for all seasons.


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Pastel colors are the way

Colors like dark brown, cobalt blue, petrol green and burgundy look fantastically with velvet, but there is a fatal flaw: they will definitely look warm and welcoming, but maybe too warm; those colors would not make a great impression during spring or summertime, looking to heavy and giving your interiors a busy look. Tints like those are certainly very chic for the winter, but do not match the brightness that is already glancing out of our windows, as spring is approaching. There is a simple solution: there is no need to give up on velvet for our interior design, as long as we choose pastel colors. Blush pink, sky blue, aquamarine, lilac, cream, or light grey: these are all colors that would look fantastic for velvet furniture, without transmitting that winter feeling. These pale and pastel tints will also help us to avoid another risk: with velvet, in fact, the pompous and pretentious effect is always lying there in wait to jump out in our interiors, ruining the familiar atmosphere we want to create. Moreover, if you place your pastel velvet armchair, or sofa, right next to a large window, the natural light will make it look classy, sophisticated, simply dreamy. Believe us, this sunny corer you will create will become your favorite spot of the house. Of course, the absence of a window or the lack of natural light can be by-passed by choosing a nice floor lamp, or a delicate smaller light for the coffee table. The options are numerous, so just be sure to make the choice that better reflects your style and needs.


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Retro & modern mix

Velvet is often associated with classic furniture and retro style. You should not look at this aspect as a limitation, but as an inspiration. To give a new dignified life to the vintage sofa inherited from the grandmother, set it in a minimalist space with a contemporary allure. Mixing retro elements with modern pieces, with clean and essential lines, is a tendency that has been around in the interior design world for a while, and for a good reason: it looks beautiful, original and sophisticated. Therefore, combo like velvet sofa & floral wallpaper are banned; if anything, a velvet sofa with a white brick wall, in a New York style loft style. In an environment dominated by a vintage-looking piece of furniture, full of personality, you should avoid overlapping other antique or classic style designs. The protagonist of the room will stand out better, if combined with modern and simple home décor. Don’t be afraid of creating a strong contrast: it will only enhance the ensemble of the interior design. To harmonize it all together, install a nice parquet floor: that will be the link between vintage style and modernity.


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Cozy elegance

We talked about velvet’s elegance, how this material is able to make every room look classy and sophisticated, but these are not its only characteristics. Because, after all, what’s softer than velvet? What material is able to caress our skin in the same way? Velvet is elegant, but also so cozy and comfortable! So go ahead and fill your rooms with velvet pillows: your couch and bed will be more comfortable than ever!


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Velvet romance

Velvet is sensual, romantic and sweet, we all know that. So, let us use it to decorate the room of the house that most needs a little romance: the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to create an excessively cheesy interior design: a peach color or a cream shade will mitigate the romance overdose. If you feel like being classic in this room, you can go for a king size Chesterfield style bed: it will dominate the environment like a throne in a castle. You can coordinate its color with the rest of the furniture and decoration: ton sur ton interior design, especially with a light shade or tint, will make the look bigger, and so very elegant.


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Add contrasts

To create a unique home décor experience, try to mix materials that have antithetical sensory characteristics compared to velvet. For a warm-cold contrast, combine it with iron or glass (or both, for example by positioning the sofa next to a glass with an iron skeleton). The same applies to the charming combination based on the antithesis between soft and hard, smooth and rough and so on. Velvet can also be associated with rattan or wood: the contrast will create dynamism in the room and make your home décor unexpected, never boring. You could also add contrast with the material you choose for the flooring or the walls. Wood, exposed bricks, marble, terracotta and similar raw materials present the characteristics suitable to create an interesting contrast with velvet, exalting and enhancing each other’s beauty.


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