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Sweet dreams all night, every night

Having trouble sleeping? We bet that you'll sleep like a baby if you follow our 5 tips on how to style your bedroom. Sweet dreams!

14 February 2018 108 0

“Did I make the right decision?”, “Why is my partner annoyed at me?”, “Why do I feel like I forgot something?”. These are just a few of the infinite number of questions and thoughts that fill our troubled minds whilst we’re lying down on our bed, hopelessly trying to fall asleep. Overthinkers from all over the world will understand what we’re talking about; it’s a common problem, and everyone has their own remedy. Some work out right before going to sleep, some others drink chamomile tea, and others count sheep (does it actually work?). But do you ever think that how your environment looks and feels might play a role in helping you fall asleep? Here are 5 tips to get you on the right track to transform your bedroom in the perfect sleeping environment.

1. The basics

It’s a common misconception that the only important item in your bedroom is the bed. In fact, if you think about it, at night you don’t really jump into bed as soon as you walk through the door, do you? You might tidy the room up a bit, inspect your wardrobe and possibly spend half an hour deciding what clothes to put on the next day… So what are the basics, here? Easy: the first thing you’ll notice is the floor. Sounds pretty logical, right? Picture this: you enter your bedroom, you’re not wearing any shoes because you’re about to go to sleep, and you step onto cold tiles. Now, that’s just going to make you jump and feel uncomfortable, which is no good for your sleep. So, when planning your bedroom, it would be a wise decision to splash out some coin for a high-quality wooden floor; that’s quite literally the first step towards getting a good night’s sleep.


Click here if you want to take a look at more wooden floor patterns by HARO

2. Let’s stick to the basics

We’re not getting off the floor just yet. True, a solid wooden floor has already added a layer of warmth to the room, but the cherry on top here is a quality rug. It goes without saying, one of the best materials available for a rug, on which you’ll probably walk barefoot, is wool. Rugs like the one below here not only are made with skill and attention from hand knotted wool and silk, but have one more quality: they take inspiration from the intricate beauty of nature, thus recreating that calm, relaxed atmosphere that you can  enjoy on camping trips under the stars.


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3. Fluffiness is key

Now it’s finally time to think about the true heart of the bedroom: the bed. It might sound obvious, but having a 100% comfortable mattress will work magic for your sleep. How many times, when we move into a new house, we just overlook the mattress we inherited from the previous tenants? We often just shrug our shoulders and decide to keep it, because it’s such a drag to get rid of it and get a new one. Alas, getting a new mattress is actually something we should be adamant on. Why keep an old, sad, flattened out mattress, when you have the chance of choosing exactly which level of fluffiness (or solidity) will fit you? You know what works best for you; our advice is to go for quality material and for a mattress that’s made of several layers. The multiple layers are essential as they won’t give in too much with time and the mattress will retain its shape.


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4. “They framed me”

People these days -- yes Millennials, we’re talking about you -- might sometimes feel like a bed frame is not that necessary after all. Well, they do have a point: why spend money on a bed frame when you can just put your mattress on the floor, and feel like you’re living the boho-chic life? True, the mattress on the floor does have a certain bohemian charm to it, we can’t deny it. But remember how we suggested a wooden floor to make the atmosphere warmer? Well, we believe that something else that could help here is a sober, refined wooden bed frame. The natural warmth of the grain and the colors is going to make you feel more relaxed just by looking at your frame, and you will have complete control over the dimensions and the selection of the wood. We recommend sobriety here: if you’re already having some trouble sleeping, you probably don’t want to add more tension to the room by going for an extravagant multicolor bed frame.


Want to see more tailored options by Grattoni 1892?

5. Before your turn off the light…

...you need to have one. The quality of the lighting is possibly more critical in the bedroom than anywhere else in the house. For example, a strong, white light, although ideal for activities that require precision, like drawing, is the worst choice ever for your bedroom. Here you need a soft, mellow light; ideally, it should come from a source that’s pleasant to look at -- you don’t want any nightmares, do you? We thought outside the box, and we came up with an odd choice: these origami-like chandeliers, originally thought for the living room, might actually be amazing for your bedroom. First of all, they are just enchanting to look at: you get the feeling that you could start playing with them, creating new shapes. Because of those paper-like coils that envelop them, they will shield you from too intense lighting, and finally, they will be a nice, creative touch that would work well in contrast with the sobriety of the other features of the room.


Take a look at more paper-like creations by KaiGami here!

One last tip

We’re warning you, we’re going to go over the top with this one. You’re probably familiar with the complete relaxation that follows a long, warm bath. Well, how cool would it be if you could get out of the bathtub and then just slip into your bed? Something you should do, if you have enough space, is considering placing a sunken bathtub in your bedroom. Aren’t you feeling more relaxed already just imagining how good it would feel to walk into your bedroom and see your warm bath waiting for you on one side, and your bed ready for the sweetest dreams on the other? Alternatively, if this choice is too bold for you, you should still take a bath from time to time before going to sleep: it works like a charm!


KALDEWEI has as many bathtub solutions as you need: see them all here

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