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Greige: why the 2018 trending color is perfect for your bathroom

Greige: why the 2018 trending color is perfect for your bathroom

Greige will be seen ruling over the most intimate space of our homes. After all, it is the subtle color par excellence.

During these last few years, a new trend has been getting increasingly popular: greige. Greige is the result of the perfect marriage between gray and beige. It’s a match made in heaven: greige mixes the cold depth of gray with the warmth of beige, thus creating a color that can virtually go with anything you decide to put near it. Let’s take a look at why we should go greige or go home.

Walking on greige

Floor tiles for the bathroom are definitely turning one shade greiger with every single day. Of course, the next question is, why should we choose this particular shade for our bathroom? “What if this is just a passing trend and once it’s gone, I’m stuck with my greige tiles forever?” Well, trust us on this: you will never feel like you’re “stuck” with greige: it’s a color that gives you such freedom of choice concerning every other feature of your bathroom, that really, you’d probably feel more stuck without it. If you choose greige tiles, our tip here is to choose a light, neutral colour for the walls and the rest of the furniture, and then give free reins to your fantasy: opt for some brightly and boldly colored accessories for a super-personal and unique touch.


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Greige marble veins

There’s a lot more to greige than the uniformity we observed just now: the texture of marble veins can be greige as well. For instance, take a look at this bathtub: the surface seems gray at a first glance, but then we quickly realize that, without that subtle tinge of beige, this bathtub would look colder; still amazingly beautiful in its smooth round shape, but less welcoming. A bathtub covered in greige marble veins is meant to give you the feeling of diving into an undisturbed natural pool; you’ll have the chance to leave your everyday reality to discover a new world -- at least until all the bubbles have disappeared.

As with the tiles, if you decide to go for greige, you would create a scenic effect by combining it with boldly colored accessories (like a set of towels). Our recommended selection includes the warmest shades of orange, such as rust orange and sienna.


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My bathroom is a jungle

Another good reason to choose greige for your bathroom? If you enjoy nature, try combining it with green: the overall effect will be striking. It’s the beige hue here that works this magic: being close to brown, it mixes very naturally with green. So, what’s your go-to, at this point? Greenery! Don’t be scared to overdo it and fill your bathroom with plants: every time you enter the room, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into a jungle. But, in order to do this, you need to be careful when choosing the flower pots. Should you go for bright, bold colors here? Well, in this case, it would work best to keep it natural. Look for pots and vases that are made of natural materials, or that are crafted to resemble them. Also, you should keep it unrefined: a polished vase would look too artificial and out of place, and the whole “jungle effect” would be spoiled.


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A natural temple all to yourself

Want to give the final touch to your sacred domestic jungle? Make it a space for mindfulness and contemplation with few wisely chosen accessories. Greige is superb with anything that looks natural and is intentionally left rough and raw, so we suggest opting for stones and crystals. Especially if you live in an apartment in the chaos of a big city, you will never regret going for greige and creating your own intimate zen space.


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