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Choosing wooden flooring for your home: some tips and suggestions

Choosing wooden flooring is not always an easy task. What are the best types of wood? Does it really suit my house? Here we give you some tips to figure all this out.

15 February 2018 126 0

For those who are about to renovate the house, the choice about the floorings is one of the most important and delicate moments of the entire project, because floors are a fundamental element that will help you to define the spaces, the different functions of the rooms, the atmosphere of the whole environment. The world of floor coverings offers many different solutions: traditional or innovative materials, which can completely change the look of your interiors. Among all the options you have, parquet is one of the most popular and versatile ones, with its countless combinations of woods, colors and patterns; the reasons are its ability to adapt to any environment, including bathrooms and kitchens, and the fact it can be customized with many different styles, shades and shapes. Yet, even once you have chosen to install a wooden floor in your home, the decisions you will have to make are far from over. What type of wood are you going to choose? Are you going to use parquet in every room of your house? What style and pattern are the best for your needs? Will be hard to maintain and clean? We know all these questions are already giving you a headache, but fear not: seat back, relax, and follow our guidelines. We will walk you through your options and highlight the questions you need to ask yourself, when choosing wooden flooring.


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1. Size & light

This might seem a trivial question, but it is in fact the most important one. The characteristics of the environment that is going to host the parquet need to be carefully analyzed, in order to make the right choice, and avoid having second thoughts. Let us say, for example, that you wish to use wooden flooring for your living room: the first things you need to think about is the size of the area. If the room is big and spacious, you will have no problem choosing a dark wood parquet, even one with a nice geometrical pattern: the area will not get a heavier look with the dark brown color, and the beautiful wooden mosaics will have enough space to show off their elegance. On the other hand, if the room is not very large, a light colored parquet would be more indicated: it will make the area look bigger and even more tidy. Another factor that needs to be taken under consideration is light. If you are lucky enough to have a living room with big large window, that will let a lot of natural light in, the brightness will exalt the beauty of a dark wood floor. There is just a possible flaw when it comes to natural light: the sun might make some the color fade away; the effect will look natural, since it is a process that happens gradually, but sure you need to know that it is going to happen. If, again, we are talking about a room which mostly rely on artificial light, a more delicate color would look better for the parquet, for the same reasons we mentioned earlier.


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2. Parquet everywhere?

As versatile as it may be, not everybody like a total-parquet house. It is certainly true that nowadays it is common to find wooden flooring in bathrooms or kitchens as well, but the traditional division of spaces usually sees those areas with a stone or ceramic floor. Moreover, it might be the case that you are not building a brand new house, but simply renovating one: in this case, you might not want to or not have time to do dramatic changes everywhere in the house. Whatever your reasons might be, if you plan to combine parquet with other types of flooring, there are a few considerations to be made. Ceramic tiles are usually about 10mm thick: keep that in mind, because you must avoid differences and disparities between the floors of every room. If the stone or the ceramic tiles were there before the redecoration, you might have to do adjustments: make the surface underneath the parquet higher or lower, in order to have a harmonious and uniform floor surface all over your house. Sorry to give you this news, but thickness is not your only problem: are you sure you can find the right wood color and type to match the marble in the kitchen or the tiles of the bathroom? Even though walls and doors might separate the rooms, do underestimate the fact that their interior design must still be coherent and harmonious. 


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3. What will your interiors look like?

Stay with us, because this is very important. This is the crucial  question, the one that should lead you not only when selecting the type  of wooden flooring, but in every interior design decision you make.  After identifying the distinctive characteristics of the home and its  spaces (brightness, size, function, etc), it is necessary to ask  yourself what is the final look you want your interiors to have. Do you  want your home to be an oasis of coziness and comfort? Do you prefer a  more dynamic and modern environment or a classic and elegant allure? In  other words, we need to decide what we want to feel every day, when  coming back home after our long days, and try to build this fantasy of  ours in reality, piece by piece. If the intention is to have a home that  is both chic and eccentric at the same time, feel free to go for floor  compositions that combine different wood colors and create geometrical  patterns: the final effect will be original and unforgettable, with the  undeniable elegance of parquet. For the ones that love a more  traditional home décor, a classic oak floor will be the most indicated  choice: regal, sophisticated, and yet simple. Of course,  furniture also plays its part in interior design, and you must think of  that too when choosing wooden flooring. Whether you are bringing into  your new house some family pieces of furniture, or buying new items to  express your own style and personality, try to create an environment  that is not too busy, that look luminous and functional, and, most  importantly, that reflects who you are and your lifestyle.

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