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Vikings: nordic-style home décor ideas

Viking culture could be the inspiration you need to create a wild, raw atmosphere in your house.

20 February 2018 149 0

Are you a fan of the TV show Vikings? Yes? Well, we love it as much as you do! This is why we are really excited to show you a few incredible designs that will make your house look like  Ragnar Lodbrok’s home sweet home. Are you ready to live in a nordic mansion?

Get some stones rolling on your floor

Needless to say, the first thing that will get that Viking vibe going is raw, natural material. We always say our go-to choice is marble, but, just for this one time, you should keep away from it: marble is way too shiny, sleek and refined. So let’s all take a step back and turn to natural stones, such as travertine, onyx, limestone!


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Granite is a great choice too, and we’ll give you a tip: be bold! Dare! Take this red granite, for instance: it’s rightly called Red Dragon, and it’s perfect to create a legendary atmosphere in your living room or kitchen. Vikings used to craft fearsome dragon heads for their ships, and you might be lucky enough to keep dragon fire always burning at your place.


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Again, raw material is key here, but your not limited to stone: you can choose wood for your flooring if you like. Just make sure it’s in a warm shade of brown: after a long day raiding villages, you want to come home to some warmth. A bamboo floor like this has been designed with a deck or patio in mind, but it's Vikings we're talking about: if you think it would match perfectly with your furniture, be wild and use it!


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Speaking of warmth

Nothing says “home” more than a fireplace, and this is even more true if your vision is creating the perfect Viking abode. After all, we are trying to bring an ancestral, almost primitive spirit to your rooms, and what’s more ancestral than fire? Our suggestion is to go for a fireplace that looks unrefined on purpose. For instance, we think this would be Lagertha’s first choice: each piece has sliding bronze panels that are handcrafted and unique. Trust us, behind anything that looks unrefined there’s a lot of work.


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Have a sit

Vikings need to feel comfy too. Still, never forget the golden rule: use natural materials. For the most comfortable chair, the first choice is always wood. We love the idea of using a chair like this: it was created using wood and rope only, and what’s also great about it is that it’s foldable! This means you can place it in front of the fire at night at the end of a long day and enjoy the warmth, and then take it outside in the morning and sit under the trees, sipping your coffee while nature slowly wakes up.


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Choose extreme designs

Anything that helps create that Viking vibe is welcome, so don’t be scared to choose unusual, extreme pieces of furniture. Dining tables are a vital part of life: you spend hours sitting around them with your family and friends, so it just makes perfect sense that your table will have to play a big role in your nordic style house. We find this specific one to be absolutely gorgeous: see how the legs are all tangled up, like branches? This creates the wonderful effect of a leafless shrub in a forest, mid-winter. It’s a table that’s been made to be admired, hence the transparent surface: it’s a statement piece that cannot be missing from your Viking dining room.


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To the bone

So far, we’ve used stone, wood and fire; what else do we need? Bone! Well, sort of: you don't have to find actual bones. But take a look at this ceiling lamp: made of metal, it’s been crafted to resemble deer antlers revolving around the light bulb. That is a design piece that would fit wonderfully in your dining room, hanging over your raw, magnificent table.


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Cracks of light

What about lighting for the rest of the house? A creative idea would be to create the illusion of living in a wooden house, where daylight sometimes comes in through cracks between the wooden boards. Long, slender wall lamps will make the trick.


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