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Paint your creative space with colorful furniture

Paint, and not just canvases: find out how you can use colorful designs to style a room dedicated to your creativity.

20 February 2018 125 0

If you are a creative, crafty artist and you feel the need to have a whole room to yourself while you’re creating, look no further: this is the article for you. Feel free to treasure these tips and ideas even if you don’t actually have a whole room: you can be inventive finding ways to save space too!

Relax and let your creativity flow

If you’re artsy, you know how often this happens: you’re sitting down, maybe reading a book or drinking a cup of tea, and all of a sudden, BAM!, inspiration hits you. Well then, while you’re waiting for the moment when a brilliant idea pops into your head, you might as well be sitting on a comfy sofa that reflects your creative personality.

Tip: let your furniture work for you! For instance, try opting for a bright and multi-colored couch: some inspiration on how to match colors while you're working on your own art might come from there.


Memphis is an explosion of colors! Browse it here

We also have the perfect seats in case you didn’t have enough space for a couch: what about a couple of crazy little armchairs like these ones? Your room will cheer up in no time!


Discover more crazy pieces by Miami Swing

We artsy people are a weird bunch: sometimes the snuggliest of couches still won’t beat the somewhat primitive feeling of sitting on the floor. Why do creative people tend to sit on the floor so much? Do we steal our creativity from ground vibrations? Who knows! So go ahead, sit on the floor, but let us give you a suggestion: get a nice rug and be comfy!


Abyss & Habidecor makes a lot more rugs, see them all!

Let your eyes wander

While you’re still sitting down on your new couch, you should let your eyes wander around: everything in your room should be there to help you create something extraordinary! The walls are your canvas here: hang prints, paintings, photos, anything that will get your creativity flowing! We are particularly in love with these Danish illustrations: their pastel colors will soothe your mind and soul.


Check out more lovely illustrations by Michelle Carlslund

Need some more inspo?

If prints and colorful furniture are not enough, you might need some additional inspiration coming from your favorite art books! Choose an unusual bookcase to stack them: the one we chose for you is not perpendicular to the floor, but slightly inclined to the left, giving the impression it’s about to fall.


Take a look at more unconventional pieces by GEORGMUEHLMANN

I've just had an idea! What now?

Now it’s time to pin that idea down somewhere before it disappears! You should know by now ideas are fickle little devils, so what are you waiting for? Get a board, hang it on the wall and write or sketch everything down!


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And finally, light!

You are going to need two types of light for your creative room. A very intense and bright one, possibly coming from a table lamp, but this will depend on what kind of activity you do. Drawing? Knitting? Writing? You know what’s best for you. But then you also need a soft, more diffused light, for when you’re just lounging around your room. We came up with these ceiling lights: displaced candelabra arms will be floating all over your head, for a nice Harry Potter-ish touch.


Explore the rest of Karman's magical world here

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