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Treat yourself: take a bath!

Treat yourself: take a bath!

Treat yourself by taking a bath in one of these luxurious tubs.

Picture this: you left for work at 7am, fending the freezing wind; then, you had to spend your day dealing with impolite customers, unrealistic demands from your boss, not to mention that chatty co-worker that just had to tell you all about how his fishing trip went. Sound familiar? We know it does, and we also know that sometimes the best cure for this is taking a long, candle-lit bath, lulled by your favourite ambient music. It goes without saying that you need the perfect bathtub for this: we’re here to help you choose the best one for you.

Round and sunken

What can we say? We love sunken tubs. Life gets busy and we never have the time to go to a spa, but at least we know we get to come home to this luxury every day. There’s plenty of benefits to sunken bathtubs. First of all, they’re normally wider than freestanding bathtub: your movement is not restrained and you will have all the comfort you need. You can even invite your special somebody into the bathtub with you, as it fits more than one person. Do you like surrounding yourself with candles, crystals, beauty accessories and decorations when you’re taking a bath? Here’s another great advantage: it’s very easy to set your essentials all around you on the floor for the most romantic atmosphere. Some sunken bathtubs can even be hidden by sliding panels when not used, giving the room a more airy look!


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Square and freestanding

What’s the opposite of a round, sunken bathtub? A square and freestanding one! In truth, we don’t particularly love super square tubs, but we’ll make an exception for this one, because it’s just lovely. First of all, the great thing about square tubs in general is that they’re a space-saver. Secondly, this one works even better as a space-saver because it was designed with a series of nooks and shelves that allow you to store everything you need for a bath: towels, magazines, books, Bluetooth speakers.


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OK, but I have a really tiny bathroom

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy all the luxury of a spa day in your tiny bathroom, thanks to tubs like this one. It’s oval, thus joining the reduced dimensions of a square tub with the innate warmth of a round one. Plus, it’s lined up and joined to the wall: it doesn’t get much more space-saving than this. Despite being small, this whirlpool tub will still get you all peaceful and relaxed in no time!


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Simple and essential

If you appreciate minimal designs, a classic white and freestanding bathtub is what you need. You can even get a whole bathroom set, with matching sinks and appliances, as in the picture. Are you on a budget? Then, listen up! You can just get the tub. A tub like this has such a timeless design that you can combine it with any bathroom, and it will still look like it was designed to be there from the start.


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Be stylishly decadent with a clawfoot tub

That’s right: if what you’ve always dreamed of is a clawfoot bathtub, go and install one in your bathroom! Clawfoot tubs tend to have a very classic look, reminiscent of the old days when Kings and Queens still reigned over France. But in fact, unlike French royalty, clawfoot tubs never really became unfashionable. Tip: you should focus your attention on a design that combines an old, traditional style with a new, contemporary soul. For instance, nobody will ever say you’re outdated if you get a clawfoot tub that’s been painted with this bright, matte red shade. Get ready for royally stylish baths!


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A contemporary look

We are just fascinated with this round, freestanding bathtub. It’s ideal if you want your tub to be the centerpiece of the room: wide and deep, complete with whirlpool technology, you’ll be looking forward to diving into it. If you’re worried about it being too huge to still be classy, you don’t need to worry: the essential purity of its design makes it one of the classiest bathtubs you’ll ever lay your eyes on.


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Bubbly extravaganza

Finally, this is for the eccentric peeps out there: we know you’re reading us, and we've selected this tub for all of you. With its intensely elaborate surface, it might look a bit cold at a first glance; but fill it up with hot water and bubbles, and it will become a perfect stage for your larger-than-life personality!


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