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Slow down and enjoy a luxurious shower

Slow down today: here are some ideas to take the most relaxing and cleansing shower of your life.

21 February 2018 622 0

We just wrote an article about the importance of selecting the right bathtub, so we thought it would be just fitting to explore what choices you have when it comes to showers instead. In fact, showers might even be more critical: not all of us have the space for a tub, but we all have a shower! Besides, who has the time to take a bath every single day? Showers are the way to go if you’re a busy bee.

The basics: nozzles, faucets, both?

Before deciding what kind of design you want for your shower, start with the most basic question: what type of nozzle would you like? A trend that’s been around for a few years is mixing different types of water jets: the most popular two are cascades and rainfall. The first create the illusion of standing underneath a natural waterfall, while the second is designed to feel as if you were standing in the rain. We definitely recommend this mix: unforgettable showers guaranteed. Most of these nozzles come equipped with led lights for chromotherapy: adjust them to make sure you get the perfect energy boost from your shower!


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We also get that you might appreciate a more traditional, old-school approach to the daily ritual of showering, so a good solution for you would be choosing between different types of less over-the-top faucets. Keep in mind that “classic” does NOT mean “banal”: make sure you choose a refined, chromed faucet with a sleek, contemporary look.


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Open showers

No, we’re not inviting you to shower in public. But there’s a well-defined tendency to design showers that blend in with the rest of the bathroom. We can forget about ugly shower tents and opaque sliding doors: the future is transparent. Showers become one with the room and are shown in their essential nudity by walls made of the most transparent glass. A shower trend that’s becoming more and more popular is having a set of nozzles along the main wall of the shower: you might not have time for a bath, but who says you can’t enjoy a bit of spa luxury while taking a shower too?


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Pay attention to this: if showers become transparent, it means the decorative role is being taken up by the whole room! In short, because the shower is invisible, you need to pay even more attention to how you set the colors and the lighting of the bathroom: style an environment that will make the room attention-catching even with minimal furniture. One last thing: transparent showers can be made an integral part of many other rooms, not just the bathroom. You could try placing one in your bedroom! Basic, glassy, it will never look out of place.


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Did somebody say “massage”?

Yes, you heard us: have you ever really felt the need of receiving a nice, professional massage? Well, 2018 is a lucky year for you: there are showers designed to give the best massage experience. This one, for example, is equipped with a solid table you can lie on while adjustable water jets gently massage your back. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try?


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What about sauna?

Another category of truly luxurious showers are the one adjoined to a sauna. We highly recommend investing in this combo if you have enough space: not only can you enjoy your sauna to live a healthy and relaxing life, but you can also comfortably share it with your friends! Saunas are made to be enjoyed in company, after all.


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