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Olé: our Top 5 favorite Spanish brands

Olé: our Top 5 favorite Spanish brands

Olé, here you can take a look at five interior design Spanish brands we love.

Going through our archives -- yes, feel free to picture us as Indiana Jones holding a torch down a narrow passage -- we realised we had quite a few interesting Spanish brands that are doing a pretty good job at creating new, unique home décor pieces. So there you go, we decided to share them with you: check them out!


Fanal is one of the leading brands in Spain for the production of home decoration ceramic and porcelain tiles. They’ve been steadily making their way through the Spanish and European market for more than 30 years; the reason behind their success is their constant evolving according to the volatility of interior design trends. Fanal should be your go-to: 1) if you’re looking to floor your home with professionally crafted, flawless ceramic tiles, and 2) if you don’t want to go through the stress of deciding which type of tiles will match your furniture. Why? Because Fanal creates tiles in all shades of grey, beige and white, that will harmonize with any surroundings.


Check out more Fanal ceramic and porcelain tile designs here


We’re moving into a completely different territory here: light. Fambuena is a young and dynamic company that draws its strength from an international pool of designers. All together, they come up with unique lighting solutions to create a universe of beauty and sensuality. Take a look at this wall lamp: it’s a dynamic creation that grows on multiple levels and stratifications. What’s striking is the overall effect: staring at this lamp feels like staring at natural sunlight coming in from drawn shutters.


Spain is the land where a boiling hot sun shines almost all-year round; but it’s also the land of fiestas and nightlife. If the previous lamp reminded us of the sun, the next striking Fambuena lamps are perfect to softly light up any space until late at night. The light coming from these warm-colored, tubular ceiling lamps with a flared base will spread all over the room, still leaving the most remote corners in the dark, for an atmosphere of romantic mystery. After all, passion is in the Spanish blood.


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Spain is also a land where family and traditional values still hold a great importance. That’s why we just had to show you Lacomoda. Lacomoda focuses on manufacturing high-quality furniture that creates an affectionate, homey atmosphere. Lacomoda furniture takes time and patience to complete, and it’s easy to see why: carvings, engravings, inserts enrich every piece of furniture, which is then polished and lacquered with love and attention.


Feel all the warmth of a Spanish house with Lacomoda

Rs Barcelona

With this brand, we move to fiery and fiercely independent Catalonia. According to RS Barcelona, smiling and being optimistic are key attitudes for a great life, and this joie de vivre is reflected by their creations. Instead of the traditional dining table surrounded by chairs, RS Barcelona’s artisans choose to shift to comfortably padded benches. Benches bring a convivial spirit into the dining room: the idea behind benches is that there’s always room for one more guest. Anyone who’s been to Catalonia will agree that these creations are made in pure cheerful Catalan tradition.


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Güell - Lamadrid

Spain is also a land of rich colors, so let us introduce you to Güell - Lamadrid. This brand specializes in manufacturing precious fabrics destined to high-end interior design markets. Colorful prints are one of the best solutions to bring glee to your rooms! You could choose a uniformly colored print: this multi-fabric emerald green chinille is perfect if you have other emerald green accessories and designs to match it with.


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The Burlesque floral print is ideal to cheer up the atmosphere in your study room. Can you see how accurate and detailed those flowers and that proud peacock are? That’s the level of care and attention Güell - Lamadrid put into their designs.


We love the contrast between the bright colors and artistic motifs of the two previous prints, and the child-like delicacy of the fabric that upholsters these couch and pillows. Pastel shades give life to a soft feeling, creating the ideal mood for relaxing whenever you’re feeling stressed. In conclusion, for any fabric emergency you might have, will be there.


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