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In and out: 2018 flooring trends

In and out of our homes: our recommendations to make sure that your floors are on point for the rest of the year.

22 February 2018 109 0

You might as well get used to it: fashions and trends are constantly evolving, which may not be very good for our wallets, but at least it makes our lives way less boring and much more dynamic. So, are you ready to discover what we have to get rid of, what we absolutely need to get, and what we can keep? Follow us!

In: terrazzo!

If you’ve been following us, you should know that 2018 is the year when we’re letting terrazzo tiles back in! In fact, we just wrote a full article on what type of terrazzo-style floor tiles will suit your needs best according to your taste in home décor. You’re more than welcome to give it a read for additional terrazzo inspo, but we also really, really wanted to show you these funny, extravagant new tiles we immediately fell in love with. This purple agate tile is the way to go if you need a young, exciting living room floor! How does it feel to walk on semi-precious stones? We bet it feels amazing.


If purple is not your color, how about these blue-tinted tiles? They have clearly been designed to reflect all of the ocean's hues: here we have cool white, light blue, turquoise, a darker shade of blue, and gold sand. Place these ultra-decorative tiles on your bathroom floor, and you’ll feel like you’re a mermaid living under the sea. Or better yet: imagine styling your bedroom with it, plus combining it with a mesmerising aquarium; trust us on this, you’ll never lose your sleep again.


For more mesmerising designs by Stonehegen, take a look here!

Out: Carrara marble

Again, by now you should know our beloved Carrara has been pushed aside by terrazzo tiles. However, getting rid of a marble floor is not an easy choice: don’t worry, we get it if you won’t burn your whole house to the ground to get rid of it. If your house is a triumph of Carrara marble, our suggestion is: don’t stress about it! It’s such a classic flooring material that we’re sure at some point in the future it will be relevant again, and then you’ll be the one laughing, watching us chucking our carnivalesque terrazzo tiles in the bin.


Take a look here for mor floor finesse by Internazionalmarmi

In: herringbone

Get ready: herringbone wooden floors are back, and we’re all excited about it! Depending on how you style the rest of the room, herringbone can create a very refined or very informal atmosphere. How’s that possible? Well, the precise geometry of the herringbone pattern makes wooden floors look rigorous, but at the same time, herringbone is also a synonym for natural dynamism: waves running all over your floor can really make the room look young and bring out the furniture you chose. We do have a tip! If your goal is a more elegant, refined vibe, try choosing a darker shade of brown for your wooden floor; vice versa, if you’re planning to make the room cheerful, opt for a lighter range of brown hues.


Junckers is an amazing Danish brand you should discover

Out: white-washed wooden planks

One thing about 2018 is clear: we can forget decorating with extremely light colors. This is the year of deeply chromatic, rich hues that leave no space for white or similarly light colors. The same applies to our wooden floors. Those hippie beach vibes that we’ve been getting from our white-washed floors will have to go, at least for a while. Luckily, we can still have some fun with herringbone!


Check out more flooring alternatives by La Fabbrica here

Can stay: striped marble

If you are miserable about Carrara marble going, well-defined, striped gray and white marble tiles might be a pretty decent compromise! They combine the typical elegance of the classic Carrara colors, while making an overall more striking effect to the eye. Aren’t you looking forward to have your marble floors look as if they were being crossed by a million lightning bolts?


Check out SK here

Can stay: marquetry

The art required to manufacture high-quality and aesthetically pleasing marquetry makes it a timeless design for your wooden floors. However, unlike herringbone, marquetry is definitely not for every home: it’s a highly refined home décor item that will look out of place in a house with a too contemporary look. So, you’re more than welcome to take all the time you need before deciding whether to set or not on styling your wooden floor with the art and craft of marquetry.


Modoni has been delivering elegance lessons since 1967: discover it her

Can stay: rugs and carpets, as long as they’re bold

If you’re about to get a new rug, make sure it’s as bold as it can get. There are two main ways a rug can be bold. The most immediate one is: color and/or pattern. A bright-colored rug will be an instant eye-catcher, especially if you place it in a neutrally styled room. Add an optical effect, and you’ll make sure none of your guests will ever take their eyes off it; it’s up to you to decide whether or not this is good.


Check out more fancy rugs by RUG'SOCIETY

You can decide to focus on the texture of the carpet instead. We chose to show you this one because it resembles a soft, hand-knitted patchwork blanket that someone decided to place on the floor for an impromptu indoor picnic. Cute, no?


Take a look at all of Kuatro's rugs!

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