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Back in time: 70s home décor is making a comeback

Back in time with some of the most popular 70s trends for interior design. Get some tips on how to style a lovely retro home!

23 February 2018 171 0

A trend that’s been going strong since the second half of 2017 is still with us: we’re talking about the comeback of the home décor style of the 70s. It might have started because many of us live in houses that were built during that decade; instead of revolutionizing them completely, homeowners seem to prefer embracing the original spirit of the house, restyling it accordingly. And in fact, what’s there not to love? Read this article if you want to get some tips on what you need to make your house 70s-chic.


During the 70s, people started rediscovering rattan. Why? Well, it happened as the influence of hippie culture back in the 60s: if by the 70s hippies were starting to slowly turn into yuppies, some of their cultural influence still remained, and rattan became extremely popular as a result of the nature-loving spirit of the old hippies. Rattan is one of the classic materials for chairs, but here’s our suggestion: decontextualize it! Make rattan a new, innovative raw material by combining it with a home décor item we usually never see it with, like a ceiling lamp!


Ay Illuminate get their inspo from nature: take a look here!

Conversation pit

Unless you actually lived through the 70s, you probably never heard of a conversation pit. It was such a cool trend that we’re definitely excited it’s coming back! Basically, in some 70s houses, a conversation pit was the heart of the living room: an either circular or square sunken pit with a built-in sofa, entirely dedicated to the joy of hanging out with your friends and enjoying the pleasure of a good convo. Sounds appealing? Well then, you can get a large, circular sofa to place right in the middle of your living room, and recreate the 70s conversation pit!


DOM Edizioni creates unique living room décor pieces, take a peek!


What if you don’t have such a spacious living room? Worry not, you can still totally recreate those 70s vibes by carefully selecting the right sofa. A trend that was going strong back then was creating a contrast between a richly cushioned sofa and naked, sleek steel legs. As for the color, you should remember the 70s were the decade of warm orange shades for pieces of furniture such as sofas, chairs, tables: that’s why we’re suggesting orange as the ideal color for your sofa! For a final touch, choose a leather sofa: the soft brightness of leather will match wonderfully with the steel of the legs.


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70s with a touch of 21st century: play with materials

If you’re planning on getting some armchairs, the choice is vast. What we said about sofas is still quite valid for armchairs too: the main concept is still combining soft cushions with naked, straight legs, warm colors with steel, and so on. It would make for a striking effect if you decided to take it one step further into the present by layering different materials in the cushioning: try contrasting leather and fabrics! The armchair pictured below is a great example. It was playfully designed with two cold colors, i.e. gray and black, with the addition of a warm shade of brown. What’s captivating about it is that the cold colors are expressed by a soft fabric, which we'd usually associate to warmth, while the sleek and cold-ish leather has been dyed brown. Wouldn’t you love having this piece of living art in your living room?


Check out more sofa and armchair designs by Zuiver

Bye-bye, armrests!

During the 70s a huge number of chairs, armchairs and sofas had no armrests; but mind you: they were still 100% comfy. Take a look at this chair below, for instance: sure, no armrests, but it’s so abundantly cushioned that it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable while sitting on it. So go ahead, and combine a chair like this with an orange sofa: 70s vibe guaranteed. And did you know you can choose both how to color and how to upholster this chair?


We're in love with each unique piece by Dutch Bone!

Geometric tiles

Back in the day, people would combine warm home décor colors with stark white walls. What would they do with floor tiles?, you might be wondering. Floor tiles would sum up both these shades by being colorful and geometric! They would combine red and orange with white, yellow with white and light-blue, and so on. The geometric shapes used to be small, for a tightly knitted pattern: thanks to this recent comeback, you too can enjoy the feeling of walking on a floor covered with cheerful confetti!


Discover more floor tiles designs by Mykonos


Again as a result of the influence of nature-loving hippies, 70s homes used to be filled with luscious plants. Filling your home with plants is an evergreen choice! Please ignore this unintended pun and just picture how relaxing it will be to have nature enrich your beloved home. Tip: be futuristic! Surround yourself with understated technology and try out these levitating flower pots. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a levitating herb garden in your kitchen?


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