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Simplicity yet extravagant | Tone of Baxter

Simplicity yet extravagant | Tone of Baxter

Baxter breaks with old rules and conventions, applies a unique thinking and unlimited creativity, soft colors and comfortable models.

When we look at the Baxter furniture these tones and colors seem too simple. Nevertheless, that seemingly simple but actually marvelous furniture creates the most luxurious and extravagant atmosphere. 

No.1 Gray tone

Big pieces of gray color under the change of light and shade define the whole atmosphere of the room. Brown armchairs and wooden floor perfectly complement each other. An eventual red color reminds you about the contemporaneity.


No.2. The use of antiquity effect.

As if you see a canvas of the Impressionism period, even the wall paint seems to be worn-out. The furniture color is not matte but at the same time it is not bright shining. Blue and red colors create natural transitions in their combination with a milky white color. Quiet blue and incentive red contribute to the atmosphere of relaxation and activity of the space.



No.3 A perfumer's home

It resembles an unknown museum of perfumes: a round coffee table, a round lamp and  a round dining table. You can arrange comfortably the shelves and place neatly perfume bottles on them. All this contributes to creating a romantic atmosphere of a perfumer's home.


No.4  A painting

An armchair, a sofa and a bed fit in perfectly with a likelihood painting on the wall. A door that seems as true as false and a painting frame with its antiquity effect tune well with the general chill tonality of the room. And after all is added green grass color to change the whole style of the ambience.


Baxter brings back the natural beauty of Toscanian leather, horse leather, deer leather and other leather materials of high value, puts strong emphasis on the creation of the interior atmosphere and worked out five different styles of interior design.


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