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A room of one's own: how to personalize your flat

A room of one's own: how to personalize your flat

A room of one's own -- This is the era of single people renting studio apartments. Worried it will never feel like home? Find out a few tiny little touches that can make a world of difference.

Once upon a time, by the age of 25-28, people were able to afford paying a mortgage to buy their own house. Today’s reality is utterly different: we live under the constant threat of an explosion of the housing market bubble, and houses, more often than not, are far from being affordable for young professionals. The result is that people living in big and expensive cities tend to share a flat or to rent a tiny studio apartment. As we all know, this comes with a lot of limitations: how are you going to feel at home inside a space that will need to be returned in the exact same conditions as when you first rented it? Let’s take a look at some creative solutions together.


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What can you change?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself. The first, easiest answer is: lights! So go ahead, put all the existing lamps in a box, and start looking for something new. Needless to say, you should go for anything that tickles your fancy: hipster-style light bulbs, ceiling lamps… You’ll have to keep one factor in mind though: space. Because it’s a very limited space you’re dealing with, you should avoid anything too bulky: it’s just going to make your flat or studio apartment seem even tinier. Why not arrange a few minimal lights hanging from the ceiling instead? They will instantly make the room cozier and more cheerful, without taking away any of the space!


We love the soapy, bubbly appearance of the previous lights, but we understand they might be too understated for you. But there’s still plenty of room to be original! Let’s still pick lighting fixtures that hang from the ceiling: they will make the whole place look more airy and spacious than it is in reality. This time, you can play a bit more with shape and color! How about a bright and geometric design piece? You can even choose a few different sizes and have fun with perspective!


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Windows are one of the pre-existing features you can still remodel -- sort of. It’s unlikely that your landlord will let you replace the original frames; plus, how expensive would that be? So, what can you work on? Curtains! You might be used to seeing plain white curtains, but the truth is, curtains can look amazing and exciting too: try a colorful fabric, and you’ll immediately add a feeling of warmth and familiarity to your rented flat.


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Be wise with wallpaper

Of course, wall decorations are another great way to make your tiny room feel more like home. But beware! You don’t want to overdo it. For instance, a room with walls covered in rich and dark-ish tones will look a lot smaller. However please, don’t let this stop you from playing with colors! For instance, you can decorate only one wall, while painting the others white, or light beige: you will have created a nice, colorful distraction that will make you feel instantly more at home.


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Let your inner child out

It’s time to let our inner child out! Decorate with humour and a cheerful attitude; for example, if you have enough space to arrange a tiny living room, you could choose a few funny, colorful leather cushions as a seating solution: shall we bet your friends will feel like happy children again any time they’ll sit on a star or on a bright sunflower?


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Pillows, pillows, pillows!

Let’s be honest, if you’re renting an apartment, chances are you don’t even know how long you’re going to stay there: do you really want to pay for a storage room for the landlord’s sofa, and investing in a new one? We don’t think so. So, what’s the quickest way to customise your sofa? Pillows! The choice here is so vast that you’ll find whatever suits your flat’s style. Tip! If you’re looking for neutral colors, at least make sure the fabric is not: this silky brown pillow will never look out of place, both now and when you’ll move into your private castle.


On the contrary, if you’re styling your studio apartment as a hippie-chic flat that you could find in the lovely hippie beach town of Byron Bay, Australia, look no further: there’s a whole line of pillows that we’ll sure will meet your taste.


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