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Mercedes Benz furniture collection: luxury speeds up

Mercedes Benz furniture collection: luxury speeds up

Mercedes Benz is not only synonym with high-end cars, but also with extraordinary luxury furniture. Find out everything about their interior design collection.

Since 2012, the Mercedes Benz company has entered the furniture and interior decoration world at full speed. This company proved that the three-rayed star is not only a guarantee of quality and style for cars, but for home décor as well. Their style in furniture follows a dynamic formal language, characterized by extreme grace and perfect manufacturing of precious raw materials: Mercedes-Benz transfers its unmistakable design and high quality from the highways to your interiors. In collaboration with major designers and furniture brands, such as the Formitalia Luxury Group, one of the leading Italian companies in the field of home décor and furniture, the car company from Stuttgart has created a collection of furnishing accessories that has been presented for the first time at the International Furniture Fair in Milan from 2012 with the Mercedes Benz Style logo. Since then, the German brand has never missed a bit, and continued producing astonishing furniture pieces that decorated thousands of high-end homes. 


Mercedes-Benz put all of its efforts to provide the best worldwide clientele with high-quality furniture, with the maximum attention to details and perfect finishes, that can embody their values of luxury and beauty. Gorden Wagener, head of the company’s furniture design department, was enthusiastic to accept the challenge of entering a market that was unexplored for Mercedes Benz. The style of their pieces of furniture in the collection tells a story about dynamism,  letting the home décor dialoguing with the car that made the brand renowned all over the world. This is their uniqueness, their strength point, something to be treasured in order to be fruitful. Mercedes Benz wants its furniture to transmit people the same sensation its cars do: the adrenaline of speed, the elegance of the design, the comfort and the quality of every detail.  The combination of slender shapes, the extraordinary harmony and modern simplicity of these designs will charm everyone with the timeless class signed by Mercedes Benz.


The collections deigned by Mercedes Benz include sofas, chaise longue, dining tables, series of chairs, sideboards, walls equipped with an integrated Home Theater system, beds and dressers. All furnishing accessories are manufactured in collaboration with Formitalia, with the aid of a skilled and experienced team. Cutting-edge design with an unmistakable automotive identity: this is how we could sum up this design collection. Chairs and sofas have a dynamic design and, at the same time, a timeless elegance that also ensures excellent comfort. Inspired by the innovative design of the shells of the current experimental cars, the enveloping wooden backs create a fascinating contrast with the upholstery in leather or fabric the strong line of the aluminum frame. Mercedes Benz design for cars is notoriously classy, elegant and simple, yet unmistakable. The furniture pieces by Mercedes Benz will be inspired by the most iconic car models that the company created over the years. The brand created a home décor line that resembles the lines of the famous Class series of vehicles. The precisely drawn smooth lines of the furniture also transmit emotional intensity, creating a unique atmosphere. The formal dynamism of the chairs and sofas finds its continuity in the collection of the dining tables and sideboards. The central aluminum structure of the table, with its four legshave the artistic sensitivity of a s beautiful statue and collect the fascination of high-speed cars wheels. Smoked glass, soft leather, dark woods: all combined together in perfect harmony, in a linear, simple and unconventional final design. The same comfort and innovation that make any Mercedes car unique and special, will make the furniture by this company unforgettable.


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