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Glass: style your home with artistic glass vases

Glass vases can take an infinite number of shapes and colors: let's explore a few striking designs.

27 February 2018 141 0

Glass always turns up everywhere: homes, offices, buildings! It’s a versatile material that we can employ for any use we can come up with: we use it on a daily basis to decorate rooms, make more light shine in from the outside, we even transform it into kitchen utensils. Its main quality is its transparency: as it turns out, decorating with transparency is an art, and if you’d like to learn more about this, you’re welcome to take a look at this article. What we’re going to focus on today is the art of creating mesmerizing glass vases; each is designed as a unique art piece: show them off!


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An eclectic tradition: Murano glass

Murano is known worldwide the glass blowing tradition's home: for centuries, this tiny Venetian island has been giving birth to hundreds of skilled artisans who are still creating glass wonders today. The two most famous Murano glass objects are stunning chandeliers, and flower vases. But what would happen if we brought these two genres together? We could get an eye-catching and unusual table lamp! The skills that have been passed on from one generation to the next make it possible to create a shiny and absolutely perfect glassy surface. At the same time, the design has been adapted to today’s new standards: not an oversized chandelier anymore, but rather, a compact table lamp covered by flowing waves in the brightest colors: lime green, yellow, red and purple. We don’t need flowers anymore because this vase-looking lamp is already so decorative that it takes their place.


Old and new come together in these colorful designs by I Muranesi

Stranger things

Because of the versatile nature of glass, designers and artists still use it today to embody their wildest fantasies. A vase doesn’t need to be a traditional Murano creation to be stunning. In fact, some of today’s most incredible creations are inspired by futuristic and vaguely dystopian themes, like outer space and aliens. For instance, the vases pictured below were designed as a tribute to the iconic sci-fi classic Alien: strange, disquieting -- shall we say spooky? -- alien eggs. They’re glass vases, i.e. they’re empty… which makes them even more disquieting, because the observer is left to wonder where the creatures that were inside went. Not everyone is going to appreciate these works of art, but the sci-fi fans among you will be craving for them in no time.


Of course, we get it if you’d like something a bit more light-hearted for your living room; you’ll be happy to know that there’s heaps more of abstract glass vases that stray away from the traditional concept of “vase”. Just take a good look around you and be inspired!


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If you love the transparency of glass, but don’t want to give up on adding a touch of color to your rooms, a glass vase is still the answer you’re looking for. For example, these glasses resemble gigantic, fluid tears that just happen to be suspended mid-air. The thickness and uniformity of the glass make for an infinity of pure reflections whenever the light shines through them; the colored heart of the vase, flecked with a thousand shiny bubbles, will attract everyone’s attention. Tip: style your room after this vase! Choose accessories that match with its colors.


Simone Cedenese is this and much more, take a look!


Glass can make anything more fun and colorful. Glass is normally associated to extreme precision and detail, but many manufacturers out there choose to be playful instead, for example by creating a range of pastel-colored, irregular shapes. These soft, round-ish vases are perfect to make an elegant room look less uptight and severe; but, they’re also ideal to decorate with cheerfulness any urban apartment.


Be playful with Gie El Home!

Let your plants shine

Glass vases are normally just used for flowers; anything else that requires soil gets planted inside a terracotta or porcelain vase. But why not make the most of the crystal-clear nature of glass to actually bring out the plants? A cool idea would be to leave every portion of your plants in plain sight: from the leaves or the flowers on top, to the roots and the soil below. This can be tricky though: soil can often be seen as unrefined or dirty. In order to avoid this, make sure to carefully select a glass vase with the cleanest and most essential design possible: no veining and no decorations, just an iper-polished surface.


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