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Think pink! All the shades of pink trending for 2018

Think pink! All the shades of pink trending for 2018

2018 trend setters definitely think pink! Let’s find out which are the most popular pantone pink shades for this year.

If you want to live your life like an eternal Vie En Rose, if “think pink” has always been your motto, 2018 will be your year! That’s right, all the trends regarding fashion, design and interior decoration seem to lean towards the same direction: pink is coming back in our lives, stronger and brighter than ever. Those who love pink can have fun this year, without worrying about the judgment of those who always considered this color too girly. It surely can be a color that expresses a certain womanly taste, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We all should indulge in giving a voice to our feminine side, the most sensitive and delicate aspects of our personalities, even when it comes to choosing home décor. Pink can be sophisticated, elegant, delicate, and it is easy to combine with other colors and different styles of furniture. There are indeed a few different shades to choose from, among the tendencies for this 2018, and they all have one thing in common: they are inspired by nature. So forget about artificial fluorescent colors and bright highlighter pink: get ready to welcome the colors of flowers and buds in your home.


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Blooming Dahlia

Spring is about to come, putting an end to this long winter, bringing flower scents, thriving plants and… Blooming Dahlia! The color inspired by this beautiful flower will almost make you smell the perfume of the newborn buds. We will see a lot of antique pink in our home décor, in its fabulous Blooming Dahlia pantone shade. It is a very sophisticated color, a combination between peach and antique pink, and it will that will allow you to furnish your home with elegance and class. Used for walls paint, it will surely make the rooms look brighter and bigger, serving as the ideal background for white or mint-colored furnishings. But to maximally exalt the beauty of this delicate shade of pink, upholstery furniture is definitely the best option. Comfy sofas and fluffy armchairs will look absolutely irresistible with the Blooming Dahlia color. A modern and simple design will suit best to this tint, since it will exalt its joyful glow, without risking the “sugary” effect.  If a too young-looking environment is not your style, pair it up with black, anthracite, dark brown or gray. An opaque black cabinet with an antique pink armchair, or a bed with a pink headboard against a gray wall would b both wonderful solutions. If you do not like dark tints and prefer light and pastel colors have fun choosing accessories like carpets and curtains that can mix up well with Blooming Dahlia, color for decorative elements such as curtains and carpets, using total white elements too. So what do you think? Did we convince you to think pink and add Blooming Dahlia to your home décor?


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Spring Crocus

We told you this color selection was going to be all about flowers and spring. bubbly and exuberant, the Spring Crocus pantone is a bright and tantalizing fuchsia shade that will steal your heart with its irresistible charm. This exuberant pink is meant to be a trans-seasonal, suitable for every time of the year, always able to add a little sparkle to your interior design and your life. Spring Crocus is a fun, joyous and vital color, with a little eyewink to the taste of Sixties and Seventies and their flower power. This pinkish purple is flattering to an array of furniture style, and will always look bright and vibrant. We like it best when used for leather covering of armchairs and sofas: the smooth surface of the material will make this shade of pink look ever more intense and deep, making the atmosphere of the interiors cheerful and full of enthusiasm.


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Lavender Pink

Lavender is one of the flowers that has the most intense and fragrant scents: this perfume stays with us even long before we were near the flowers, extending its calming power in time. This fashionable shade of pink aims to reach the same goal: creating a relaxing atmosphere and an elegant home décor. Lavender is the perfect color for the fabrics of the house, like bed sheets or curtains. Another room that will be bloom with beauty thanks to this color is the bathroom. Colored glass and lacquer tints will look dreamy in lavender pink, transforming your bathroom in a true oasis of relax and piece, for you to enjoy in every moment of the day. Just like the flower that gives its name to it, this color will transmit you only positive feelings, and every time you'll see your Lavander home décor, you will almost be able to smell the bud's perfume.


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We know that rosé makes you think of wine more than of flowers, but this color will not only fill up our glasses this year. Rosé, with its delicate reflexes of gold and copper, has a strong expressive power, that can combine the softness of the color pink with the sparkling personality of the metallic shades. Again, the bathroom would be a perfect room to experiment with this color. Ceramic tiles and mosaics will shine bright with rosé pink, changing color as the light caresses their surface. Taking a bath will never be the same, if you can get lost in the enchantment of a rosé light magic.


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I spy with my little eye… another color trend! Riddle me this: what is the color that will go along with pink this year? We will give some tips: it is darker than the shades we talked about here, it is deeper and more sensual, but it is equally connected to spring and flowers. Have you guessed yet? Find out reading our article here.

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