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Break free! Style your home with dynamic designs

Break free! Style your home with dynamic designs

Break free from your daily routine by thinking outside the box when it comes to styling your home.

Whether you’re trying to imprint your mark on that impersonal apartment you’re renting, or making your newly inherited house look less outdated, you need to think dynamically. What does a dynamic interior design say about you? That you have a young, enthusiastic nature; you never stop being curious and asking questions, and you love new challenges. Not bad, is it? Now, the way to make your home look and feel almost like a living, stylish ecosystem is fairly easy: you just need to keep an eye out for a few, essential features. Read the article to learn about them.


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Soft, curved lines

In general, soft and curved lines go a long way to spicing up your home décor. But, mind you: we’re not talking about round shapes, but rather, shapes that were originally supposed to be square, but ended up quite softened up. The armchair pictured below is an excellent example. Imagine a four-legged armchair: the legs were then fused all together and the whole seat was pulled forward. This forward movement is balanced by the relaxed and laid-back orientation of the seatback. The whole creative process behind this armchair is mind-blowing; plus, the designers did not forget about more practical aspects: this armchair is equipped with a large, empty compartment to store books, magazines, or a snuggly blanket.


One more example of design creativity by Staygreen

Thinness and thickness

Different volumes also contribute to the general feeling of non-stopping movement and interaction between the various pieces of your furniture. The more dramatic this difference is, the stronger the impression of dynamism will be. Again, as in all things, let’s just be careful not to get carried away: harmony should be our parameter. If, according to your personal aesthetics, something does not look balanced or harmonious, steer away from it!


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It’s a great idea to select a few extravagant pieces of furniture that employ unexpected diagonal lines and planes. For instance, we normally think of stools as solid, sturdy items, or as a taller, backless chair. But what if we had a stool that turns out to be just the profile of a square stool, with a diagonal notch to keep the page of the book you’re reading? It’s a great example of how design can both be surprising and functional. Because of its smooth surface, not only can it work as a stool: you can also employ it as a side desk or coffee table!


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Sets of similar items at different heights

Harmonious dynamism can be reached in a thousand different ways. A smart idea would be to get a set of coordinated items, and then set them up on different levels. Ceiling lamps are perfect for this, as they are often designed as sets, and it’s really easy to place them at different heights. Tip: play with colors and dimensions! Colors can belong to a specific palette or be dramatically different, while the difference in dimension shouldn’t be too exaggerated.


It should be clear that we adore Ex.t!

Intersecting planes

Why not choose a statement centerpiece that plays with several intersecting planes? Take this chandelier, for example. Instead of placing the golden circles in parallel or at right angles with  each other, the designer chose to set them in a cheerful but delicate interplay. This lively design adds lightheartedness to this elegant and otherwise intimidating foyer of a high-end building.


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Employ materials in unusual ways

Another way of revolutionizing your interior design is choosing pieces that employ a certain material in an unusual way. This coffee table is the most accurate example you will ever see. Classic and elegant white, gray-veined marble is a synonym for solidity and stability, which is why the designer shaped it like a pyramid. Except that this pyramid is upside down, and the combination of material and shape makes this coffee table magic: a heavy marble pyramid is floating upside down in our living room, all of a sudden as light as a feather.


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Don’t take it too seriously

Dynamism should be lighthearted and full of life, not pretentious and conceited. If you find yourself planning every single detail of your home décor, you’re doing it wrong. You realise two pieces don’t match as you thought, but it’s too late. So what? It’s not a tragedy. One of the best features of interior design in general is that there’s always room for adjustments and corrections, so don’t be afraid of making a mistake: you’ll be able to turn that mistake into a valuable lesson.

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