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Brown sugar: shades of wood for your home décor

Brown sugar: shades of wood for your home décor

Let's spice things up with some brown sugar! Get some inspo on how to make your house feel warmer with brown hues.

One of the warmest and coziest materials we can décor our house with is wood: raw, refined, light, dark, lacquered or not, wood never fails to make us feel at home. In this article, we’ll explore a few unique, handcrafted wood designs, together with a couple of... well, we’ll see! Read the article and be inspired!

A cheerful dining room

This bright shade of brown reminds us of those cute, basic wooden toys that babies and little children play with. It takes us back to a time when we were cheerful and happy, and that is why, when we look at a table like the one pictured below, we feel immediately less stressed. The comfortable chairs only add more warmth to the scene! Tip: if you don’t want to risk being boring, try adding a pastel-colored pillow on every chair; it will feel like living a second childhood.


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Darker personality?

Wood is also fantastic for people who don’t necessarily yearn to feel a burst of childish joy every time they look at their table! Darker and less refined wooden planks make for a much stronger and more intense effect on the eye, especially if combined with hard materials like iron or steel.


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Tradition and functionality

We love this desk design because it brings the contemporaneity of simple and essential lines together with the traditional look of writing desks. As in the past, the desk can be left open or closed, and it’s equipped with several nooks and compartments for your stationary. Give free reins to your inner Stephen King!


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Is it a wooden chandelier?

No! But it sure does look like it. The Ohio chandelier reflects every shade of brown: it’s perfect to lighten up a room you’ve styled using wood furnishings!


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Is it a wooden floor?

Nope: ceramic. There are so many materials out there that can be worked and treated to resemble wood. This brown ceramic will still give you all the visual warmth of a wooden floor, plus, you won’t have to worry about your ceramic tiles ever wearing out!


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