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Dove gray: sophisticated shades for an elegant home décor

Dove gray entered the home décor world with all of its elegance: let’s find out the best ways to use it.

01 March 2018 102 0

Dove grey, also known as Tortora color, is one of the most surprising color trend 0f 2018. We have already talked about the tendency to include bright, joyous and spring-like colors in interior design, but dove grey seems to be the only tamed down tint trending this year. Maybe it is because it is so versatile and easy to combine with other colors, or because it is able to exalt certain details of the home décor, or probably because it immediately makes every room look elegant and sophisticated. It is easy and classy to furnish every room with dove gray: a nuances that, with its light and brilliant shades, even though neutral, perfectly adapts a style and context. For the bathroom decoration, in the kitchen design and in the bedroom décor, the tortora tint will be able to harmonize the space, enhancing the details of the furniture and making your design taste stand out. Its palette fades from gray to brown, with an extraordinary variation of intermediate gradations. Here are some suggestions for decorating your home with this elegant, classic and timeless color. 


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Color psychology

Before starting giving you advice, we want to talk a little bit about color psychology. We all know how different shades and tints can change our mood and how we feel: that is why we always have to be aware of the power of color when choosing our home décor. When we look at grey tints, we see a color that is neither black nor white. Given that it is virtually absent of  color, it draws no attention to itself, it keeps its distance, remaining separate. The plainest kind of grey is the neutral color per excellency: no positive nor negative psychological properties. Thinking of industrial environments, they are ones that use grey the most, because they have to be utilitarian and functional. While dark grey evokes a lack of confidence, fear of exposure, hiding, warmer shades like dove grey in the home interiors will make you feel cozy, like in a shelter from the outside world. It can make your home feel like a private oasis, a comfortable cocoon that is ready to welcome you at the end of every day.


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Curtains as a light veil

One of the main characteristics of dove grey is its lightens: it look ethereal, dreamy and soft. All the perfect features for a curtain or a tent, don’t you think? In contrast with white walls and powder gray decorative complements, the dove-gray adapts itself to the many décor context with refined elegance. Choose neutral materials for the surrounding furniture, such as steel and solid wood. The dove grey curtains will filtrate the light, creating a dreamy atmosphere, that will be able to effortlessly exalt the rest of the interior design.


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In the bathroom, relax & elegance

The dove gray palette is particularly suitable for the bathroom, for it is so calming and relaxing. Imaging taking a nice warm bath, and peacefully looking at the steam floating around the room, enjoying your sophisticated tortora color bathroom. This tint will look especially stylish when combined with black or copper finishes. For a modern bathroom, the solutions are numerous and the rules to follow are simple: choose the declination of dove gray that you prefer, according to the structure of the room, and then play with the browns, whites and woods to decorate the space.


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Sophisticated comfort in the bedroom

There’s something about the color grey that makes you instantly calm down, slows down your breath. Especially when combine with soft fabrics, it feels calming, elegant, and serene. Grey instantly elevates every other design element in the room, so it makes a perfect backdrop for experimenting with pops of color and patterns on throw pillows, bed linen, carpets and more. Get inspired by some of our favorite grey bedrooms and find just the right shade for your space. There are those who prefer more neutral nuances in the bedroom, with a touch of eggplant color or night blue, to accentuate the intensity of the interior design. These shades are ideal to combine together, to create a sensual and charming atmosphere in your bedroom..


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Shabby &country style in the kitchen 

The neutral shades of the dove gray are ideal for a kitchen with a shabby chic, with a light wood paneling that adds that adorable country touch, a nice large dining table, a wooden ceiling and retro details. Choose a light shade of dove gray for your country kitchen, and play with darker decorative elements to create dynamism and costrast.


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Classy floor tiles

Floors are one of the most important elements in interior decoration: they have to harmonize the whole home décor, they have to be elegant and eye-catching, without distracting the attention from the furniture. Dove grey is a color that will look splendidly on ceramic tiles, especially if you choose a mosaic pattern or a special decoration. The shade of color will mitigate the details of the pattern on the floor, so that you won’t take the risk of overdoing with interior design.  


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