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Balance: a symphony of contrasts in your living room

Balance: a symphony of contrasts in your living room

Create a balance between styles in your living room with contrasting home décor designs.

It’s easy to create coordination if we choose to style our rooms with sets of matching home décor pieces: a fully minimal living room, or a neoclassic one, are looks that are extremely easy to achieve. But where’s the fun if there’s no challenge? We guarantee you: follow our tips on how to create a symphony of contrasts in your living room, and by the end of your re-styling process, you’ll feel way more content with the results.

Deceive your guests with a minimal entrance

A smart way to start your decorating process is by misleading on purpose whoever will set foot in your living room. For instance, a minimalistic door will suggest your guests to expect a super clean and essential atmosphere: imagine their surprise when they’ll pass through that door and find themselves in the midst of an interplay between harmoniously contrasting styles and designs!


Open the door to the world of Garofoli here


Ok so, your guests have come into the living room. Surprise them -- and yourself -- by choosing a bold, outstanding home décor piece that will sweep them off their feet! The first thing you do when entering a room is looking ahead, correct? So why not choose to decorate the wall opposite the door with a vivid, eye-catching wallpaper? Trust us, there are so many crazy and artistic wallpapers out there, that even just debating which one to choose will be fun.


We suggest getting one with a spring vibe to it. But rather than going for green, do something unexpected and opt for a range of unusual and bright colors! As for the main color, be careful: while different styles can and should be in contrast, colors need to be coordinated: nobody wants their living room looking like a mess.


Take a look at more wallpapers by Kit Miles

Now balance it

Now it’s time to choose one or few more sober items. A great idea would be to get a sofa, or a set of armchairs (or both!) with a clean, linear design. Remember, it’s a game of contrasts that balance each other out. If you ask us, nothing says “clean and refined” like black, white or cream leather. Avoid bright colors and instead opt for neutral shades that can harmonize with anything.


Explore more designs by Fredericia here

Time to have fun again.

Take a look at your work-in-progress living room now: do sofa and armchairs seem to be disappearing, swallowed by your extra-bold wallpaper? Then it means it’s time to get a few items that will bring out the simplicity of your seating solution: brightly colored pillows! It’s excellent if their colors match the wallpaper, but what would be even better is pillows with floral prints as a direct reference to the wallpaper.


Still another artistic creation by Fredericia

Aaand we’re back to sobriety

What we’re trying to do here is styling the bigger pieces of furniture with sobriety in mind. Something that can’t be missing from your living room is storage space: cabinets and shelves. As for the seating, neutral and basic colors are the rule: black, gray, brown, beige. Avoid white: a huge, white cabinet would make it seem like an iceberg has floated all the way down from the North Pole into your living room.


Discover more living room furniture by Garbarino here


Since it’s balancing contrasts we’re talking about, we also suggest trying to find a piece of furniture that combines both extravagance and sobriety. We’re bringing you this lovely coffee table as the perfect example: the absolute black of the structure brings out the lively and Harlequin-inspired surface.


More living room extravaganza by Tosco Ticciati here

One last touch to bring everything together

All you need now is one final piece to sum up the spirit of your new living room. We recommend a stately chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room. As for the style, Venetian chandeliers might be what you’re looking for. Extremely elaborate and colorful, but at the same time classy and refined, a Venetian chandelier will perfectly express this symphony of contrasts. One last tip: match it with your fancy wallpaper!


Would you like to see more Gabbiani Venetian chandelier? Take a look!

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