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Welcome to Italy!

On the Spring Lantern Festival day, our colleagues visiting from China were welcomed to the Milanese headquarters of Casaitaliana.

02 March 2018 121 0

On the 2018 Spring Lantern Festival Day, we were happy to welcome our colleagues to the Casaitaliana headquarters. It seems just fitting that this joyful meeting took place during this Chinese festivity: spring is coming forward, just like Casaitaliana’s big international break is getting closer day by day.

Our guests came from all over China: Hubei, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, and several other provinces, but today, they all work for the Chinese branches of Casaitaliana: in Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao… These nine colleagues worked hard day and night to reach incredible goals, and all of their extra efforts definitely paid off: every single one of them reached an individual sales revenue of several million yuan, the highest being 13 millions. Because of these outstanding individual results and their dedication to the company, Casaitaliana has rewarded them with a trip to Italy. Reward trips have quickly become a tradition: for some of our Chinese colleagues, this was their second business trip to Italy; and last year, a few of our own co-workers were thrilled to learn they would fly to China as a reward.


All of our Chinese co-workers were extremely young, the youngest being a 23-year-old. This detail is fairly impressive: it shows how Casaitaliana is a young and dynamic company that offers its employees the opportunity to learn, grow and be successful. Everyone showed immense happiness at being visiting Italy: some Chinese and Italian employees have actually been communicating about orders, prices and whatnot for months, and so they finally had a chance to meet in person. Moreover, our guests expressed how lucky they felt to work for an international company that employs young people from all over the world: Italy, Russia, Brazil, and many other countries.


After introducing themselves and the individual work targets they reached, our Chinese colleagues thanked the employees at the headquarters: a company is like a team, and if the Chinese branches are getting more successful by the day, it is also thanks to the work that is being done here. They were then happy to meet everyone who works at Casaitaliana in Italy: from Logistics to Quotations, to the E-commerce department and in short, each and every valued employee at the office in Milan.


After these warm introductions, the meeting closed with a speech by Wu Ruijin, the founder of Casaitaliana. Wu Ruijin explained to all of us how it all started ten years ago and how Casaitaliana got to where it is now. The hard work is definitely paying off; in 2018, Casaitaliana will open seven more branches: six in China, for a total number of 13 branches in mainland China, and one in India. In addition to this, in the next few months Wu Ruijin will travel to several countries, like Russia and the U.S.A., to research their market.


Finally, Wu Ruijin reminded all of us that building this company’s success involves considerable hard work and sacrifices, therefore our attitude is essential: employees need to believe in their job and their company. In short, we need to put our trust in Casaitaliana: thanks to the company’s strategy, we are now seeing extraordinary results and profits, so we can believe we’re on the right path to achieve an even greater international influence.

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