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Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror mirror on the wall…

Mirror mirror on the wall, what makes an elegant home décor?

Mirrors are not only mysterious objects we find in old tales: they are also a stylish home décor element. These unique objects are able to expand the spaces without making structural changes to the walls of the house. Mirrors can become your best allies when it comes to house renovation, because they can completely change the look of a room effortlessly. The rooms will look wider, the interiors will gain depth and the light will be reflected in an unexpected way. Every home environment can be furnished with mirrors, depending on the result you want to achieve: it will be improved and gain personality. For example, if you want to create a welcoming atmosphere at the entrance, a mirror at the end of the corridor will make it look longer, as well as wider if you fix it directly to the wall. In the bedroom, instead, you will find it useful to get ready before going out in the morning, but also to decorate the room by choosing a precious frame. In the living room, moreover, mirrors will add a touch of light, taking the place of paintings and frames. Here are our tips to decorate your interior with mirrors, keeping in mind elegance and design, as well as the latest trends, and functionality.


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Find the right spot

Hold your enthusiasm for a second: we don’t want you to turn your interiors in an amusement park funhouse, with mirrors everywhere. You must find the right spot to place a mirror, especially if you choose to hang it on the walls, just like you would do for any other piece of furniture or ornament. For example, you could create your own work of art, by placing one or more mirror inside a mosaic of paintings or other wall decorations: it will bring a lot of light in the room, and create an unusual home décor element. Choose it round or oval, so as to play with the geometries, in contrast with the squared shapes of the paintings.


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Why not transforming an ordinary wardrobe into a more functional and stylish piece of furniture? In the bedroom you can think of renewing your old wardrobe, a very simple and suggestive way, by adding two decorative mirrors on the doors, which will be functional and charming at the same time.


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Stylish reflections

The exact point where you choose to place your mirror must be carefully selected, especially if it will be hung on the wall, not only to create an harmonious home décor, but also according to the light of the environment, for that light has to used and reflected in the most flattering way. Moreover, you should keep this in mind to rearrange the furniture in the room as well, if you are going for a more radical change in your interior design.


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Mystery and imagination

“Mirror mirror on the wall…”, says the old tale. The fact that this phrase comes from an ancient fantasy story tells us something about the characteristics of this decorative element: it brings a little mystery into our interior design, it stimulates our imagination and adds personality to any room. So choose the right frame that matches your taste, sober or eccentric, minimalist or classic, and let yourself be inspired by your creativity, because you might decide to decorate an entire wall with mirrors only, and it would be beautiful, if you keep it classy. Let your imagination lead you in creating the perfect atmosphere.


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Combine mirrors with other elements

The mirror could accompany another piece of furniture, if necessary, to make it more complete and coherent. If, for example, you have a small console or cupboard in your hall, you can place a large mirror right above it: this way, corridor will look longer and deeper, and much brighter too. Mirrors are also helpful to make classic style furniture look less bulky, unloading the room in general, making the entire home décor look more friendly and less presumptuous.


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Frame it right

A beautiful frame has the power to transform a simple mirror into an extraordinary piece of furniture, something that can become the protagonist of the room. Choose it golden if you can, as it will be more theatrical, elegant and sophisticated, and you will feel like living in a newly refurbished Parisian loft. “Go big or go home”, right?


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