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What's trending? A guide to 2018 bathroom trends

What's trending? A guide to 2018 bathroom trends

As we're now two months into the new year, the time to learn what's trending in the bathroom department is now or never.

We’re already a few days into March, so no more excuses: it’s time to take a look at the major 2018 bathroom trends and get ready for some spring cleaning. Don’t despair: you won’t have to restyle your bathroom completely! In fact, there’s quite a few of these new trends, so chances are, your bathroom may already tick a few boxes. And even if it doesn’t, we don’t really recommend re-styling the whole room from head to toe: just take a look at these trends and give your bathroom a little 2018 vibe!

Bold accents

One of the major trends we’ll see in every single bathroom in 2018, are bold accents and colors. Where will we find them? On the floor tiles? On the walls? Well, apparently, bold accents will actually affect a piece of furniture that we tend to snub: cabinets. We’re often so focused on finding the perfect basin, that we completely forget the base is important too! This year, cabinets will get all of their importance back: they are now painted in rich and bold colors like red, magenta, orange, ultraviolet, and are designed as protruding, round shapes that do not touch the ground and seem to be fluctuating under the mirror.


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Warm colors are not the only option for eye-catching cabinets! We think it would be fun to try out other unusual shades, like this -- almost blinding -- hue of lime green. Too much? Not really: remember this would just be the cabinet’s color. And then, imagine the freshness kick you’d get every time you entered the bathroom!


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Narrow-fit furniture

Of course, we always have to come to terms with how much space we actually have. Remember going to college and having to squeeze yourself into one of those teeny-tiny bathrooms? Well, what can we say: our apartment life still makes us feel like that. The difference is, designers have finally realized that this (see: small spaces) is a very tangible reality. What does this mean for us? It means that now we may have tiny bathrooms, but at least they’re cool. And more spacious than you’d thought: four coordinated cabinets make for a lot of storage space.


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Sunken tubs

Sunken tubs are another popular trend. In reality, tubs like these have been trending for quite a while now. Why? First of all, despite their reputation as stylish and luxurious, they’re actually pretty affordable too! The rim is the only visible part, while the outer profile is hidden: you can leave it unrefined and nobody will ever know. Pretty smart, huh? This characteristic also makes them way easier to clean than freestanding tubs, which is always a plus. And then, if you love surrounding yourself with candles, incense burners, crystals, and so on, a sunken bathtub has a lot of space all around itself for you to place all of your bath paraphernalia. Finally, remember that some sunken bathtub are equipped with a sliding cover, which means you get to enjoy all of your bathroom space whenever you’re not using the bathtub.


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Matte finishes

Don’t get us wrong: glossy surfaces are still (and always will be) a timeless feature for the bathroom. That being said, during these last few years, matte colors have been gaining more and more popularity as well as consensus from fashion gurus. There are matte nail polishes, matte lipsticks and eye-shadows, even matte cars! Bathrooms are another area that has been hit by the matte tornado. One tip? Try to use it in combination with sleek and glossy surfaces: marble, glass, ceramic, steel.


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Fluid shapes

Bathrooms are the reign of water, so it’s only fitting that shapes would eventually evolve into ever-changing waves. Flowing and graceful, items like the basin we’re showing you in this picture will always have a purifier and calming effect on your soul whenever you’ll step into your bathroom. Would you like to know what else about them is great? They add great dynamism to every bathroom! So, if you’re stuck in one of those super-tiny studio apartment bathrooms, by adding a few sinuous shapes you’ll be able to get rid of the feeling of living in a shoebox.


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Metallic glare

Metallic finishes have been out for a while, but they’re experiencing a sudden and happy return. Some suggest a more delicate touch, like champagne and rose gold, but not only is the time of rose gold nearing its end, we also believe that the true and essential nature of gold is showiness. So feel free to show off with a few gold touches around your bathroom: gold faucets and nozzles will make your bathroom look even more precious than it is! Tip: gold always makes a royal impression when paired with glossy, white ceramic; keep this in mind and go add a few golden sparks here and there.


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Indigo blue

Some have been saying that the time of indigo blue was over, interior design-wise, but in truth, indigo blue and more in general, every shade of blue, is still very well in vogue for bathrooms. Some colors, like red, yellow, purple, may look kind of bizarre in a bathroom, but blue is in fact the only color that naturally agrees with the aquatic environment. Of course, you need to be careful if you’re actually choosing blue: avoid monotony and monochromy, otherwise you’ll have the feeling of living in a public swimming pool. So, rather than choosing one shade of blue, opt for many different textures and hues. You can even combine different tiles and patterns!


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