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Personality test: pick a lamp!

Personality test: pick a lamp!

Give this personality test a try: pick your favorite lamp and see which movie best describes your life.

If you are a cinephile, this test is for you! We found some lamps that reminded us of some of our favourite movies. All the world’s a stage: are you ready to find out which movie you’re starring in, every day of your life?


Just like this French movie’s lovely protagonist, you have developed a keen imagination and an active fantasy; because of this, as a child you used to enjoy spending time by yourself, living an adventurous life in your own dream world. Now, as an adult, you’ve learned to appreciate other people’s company, and you’re fiercely faithful to your loved ones, who in turn love you for your idealism and your childlike ability to find magic in the little things. Remember the scene where Amélie puts her hand inside the coffee beans bag? That’s the kind of things you love doing all the time too: you are aware that being able to find happiness in the little things is the key to inner peace. However, probably because you have such an active and vivid imagination, sometimes facing reality can be extremely hard and unpleasant for you, and this is your main weakness. You’d rather help other people deal with their own problems, before coming to terms with yours, and this is a course of action you need to change. We’ll leave you with Monsieur Dufayel‘s motivational words to Amélie: “Your bones aren’t made of glass. You can take life’s knocks.”


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Only Lovers Left Alive

Like Adam and Eve, Jim Jarmusch’s postmodern vampires, you’re an interesting mixture of contradictions. You’re a chameleon: every time you move somewhere else, you seem to fuse with your new surroundings. And the thing is, you need to move from time to time, because you get bored easily. To you, new people and new countries mean new slang, new clothes, new ideas; moving somewhere else has become an incredibly easy operation for you and people are surprised by your adaptability. At the same time, something that people don’t expect is your strong attachment to the places of your past: for example, if you’re planning a holiday, you’d rather go back to an important place of your past and reminisce over it, than visiting a new place. Because of this unsuspected attachment to your past, all of your changes are mainly superficial: deep down inside, you’re still the same person you were before all of your chameleonic transformations. You’re like this lamp: precious and unique, you’ll fit in any new context.


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2001: A Space Odyssey

See how this gigantic lamp is hovering over the dining table? In a striking resemblance with A Space Odyssey’s computer, Hal, you too tend to slowly gain control over...well, everything: your life, your job, and sometimes even your friends’ lives! Some people would go so far as to call you a control freak, but in truth, the reason why you actively enjoy taking control of things is that you have complete and full trust in yourself. You’re precise, meticulous, and you know how hard it is to find similar qualities in others. And in fact, everyone who knows you puts their trust in you as well; this is why you’re respected at work and in many other aspects of your life: people trust your professional efficiency. However, there’s a very thin line between keeping an eye on things and becoming controlling. Especially in your personal life, always make sure that your friends (and especially your significant other) never have the feeling you’re trying to push them to do anything. You should always keep in mind that while your methods can certainly be efficient, they might not work so well for others.


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The Best Offer

You are a lover of Beauty. Beauty is one of the principles that guide your life, and that appears obvious from how you dress, how you style your house, even how you speak. As a result of your love for all things beautiful, art pretty much follows beauty in your personal scale of values. You tend to be very honest with yourself: you understood pretty soon that you’d never become the new Leonardo Da Vinci, so actually one of the reasons why you love art so much is your admiration for artists and creators who are able to express themselves in such wonderful ways. You’re a human being of deep, resounding feelings and emotions. Much like Virgil Oldman, The Best Offer’s main character, you are aware of how deeply rooted your emotions are, and so your weakness is that you tend to keep your guard up all the time: you feel scared at the thought of what would happen if your emotions took over and controlled you. Unlike Virgil, who repressed his emotions for a lifetime to then -- unwisely -- let them explode all at once, you should learn to let your emotions express themselves day by day, in small doses.


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Casino Royale

Similarly to Daniel Craig’s 007, you’re a fiercely independent individual with a strong sense of self; you’ve developed a bold, sleek style and that is why people around you tend to quickly identify everything you do as a trademark of your personality. It doesn’t matter if it’s how you drink your Martini or how you wear a leather jacket: people look at you and immediately see somebody who can get themselves out of any situation without breaking a sweat. You’re often mistaken for a cold, selfish person, but in reality, you’ve simply learned from a young age that you need to look out for yourself, and that’s what you do. Moreover, the people who actually are close to you -- friends, family, partner -- know that you would take a bullet for them any time: you’re most certainly one of the most precious people in their lives. However, because of how self-sufficient and independent you are, you can be quite a bit smug about your personal achievements, sometimes, and this is a personality trait you should work on.


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Pretty much like this lamp, your life is a fun, colorful mess of people, events, new experiences! You’re one of those proactive, dynamic people who just can’t resist experimenting with new activities and situations. You never stop exploring and collecting memories, and your bursting energy is contagious. Thanks to you, your circle of friends is like a jungle: always growing and expanding, it’s hard to keep the pace of your incredibly active social life. Some people may think that such a fun, crazy lifestyle may be a symptom of superficiality, but in reality, you’re simply so full of life you just can’t stand still! One thing is true though: it can be hard for you to keep track of practical stuff like life priorities, job deadlines, and so on. So our advice is, always try to prioritize and learn the difference between what is actually important and what you can let go of, instead. But don’t worry: a well-organized weekly planner should do the trick.


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