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Eat, pray, love: Indian interior design principles for your home

Have you fallen in love with India, like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love? Follow our tips on how to learn from Indian interior design when styling your house.

07 March 2018 84 0

We live in a globalized world: ideas and trends travel faster than they ever did in the past; people travel and move from one side of the globe to the other, taking with them a thousand fascinating traditions. More often than not, these mix in with the local customs, the result being a rich and colorful tangle of old and new, foreign and familiar. As Indian culture (food, Bollywood movies, philosophies) is starting to gain more and more appreciation from non-Indian populations, we foresee that one of the biggest upcoming interior design trends will be adopting Indian criteria to style your house. If you just got back from a soul cleansing trip to India and you terribly miss it, why not try recreating your own little India? Take a look at a few ideas on how to apply Indian interior design criteria when styling your home.

Cool your floor down

India is a hot country: in some regions, in summer, temperatures soar well above 50°C. As a result, when choosing how to style their floors, people tend to go for the coolest materials possible. Granite is always a good choice, as well as marble: they will keep the floor temperature down and they’re not easy to wear. A downside? They’re pretty expensive. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of other less expensive options! Floor tiles are perfect: true, they crack relatively easily, but replacing them is pretty quick and cheap; plus, they’re colorful and allow you to decorate your floor with mesmerizing patterns. In true Indian spirit, try opting for rich, warm hues: get some inspo from the Indian spices we’ve all learned to love, like curry, chilly pepper and cumin.


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Colorful walls

Walls should be painted in warm and rich tones. Again, a good rule of thumb is taking a good look at Indian spices you use in your everyday life: what about some cinnamon?


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Another option is cooling down your walls too with some bright tiles. Why not go for some original patterns? These Ali Gulec-inspired ones are just hypnotic. But be mindful: use colorful tiles on the floor or on the wall, not on both!


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If you’ve ever set foot in an Indian house, you must have noticed one recurring home décor item are rugs: either on the floor or hanging on the wall, rugs are fundamental for three reasons: first of all, they’re extremely decorative and give the feeling of a cozy shelter from the outside world. Then, when hung on the wall, they actually keep the room pretty chill: the wool isolates the house from the outside temperature and creates a perfect microclimate. Finally, on the floor they will make for extra seating space. In conclusion, rugs are a must in every Indian household, and they should be a must in yours too! If you feel your house is not spicy enough already, get a curry-colored rug and spice your living room up!


Alternatively, tradition is always there to inspire you: a large, oval floral pattern has been a regular decorative motif for Indian and Persian rugs and carpets for centuries. Why don’t you make it more interesting by choosing a rug that mixes both old and new? For example, this extravagant rug mixes a very traditional pattern with a postmodern love for worn, distressed textures.


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Pillows and cushions everywhere

An abundance of large pillows and cushions on the floor will make your house look and feel more Indian. The core principle when styling your Indian house is to balance elegance and class with informality: an uptight-looking house will never feel welcoming. So go ahead and choose at least four or five large pillows to place on the floor: trust us, you’ll spend countless nights comfortably lounging around with your friends in your living room. A full-on Indian style cushion would be round, shiny and covered in bright and intricate patterns, but if that’s really not your style, you can always rely on natural materials, like wool, and basic colors. There are hundreds of brands that will make beautiful and comfy pillows by hand and from scratch, only using high-quality wool and cotton, and non-toxic dyes.


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The art of drawing and creating beautiful and mesmerizing mandalas was born and mastered in India. Mandalas were developed in a religious context and are made to be burned or destroyed soon after they’re finished, but people from all over the world are finding them so incredibly beautiful that a market for mandalas has now been flourishing for years. We can find their typically circular and intricate patterns everywhere: notebooks, t-shirts, carpets, plates… We’ve even found this mandala-inspired wardrobe! It’s made from migaloo rock, a conglomerate of cork and resin, which explains the peculiar pecking of the surface. This wardrobe with a revisited mandala is perfect for globetrotters who are inspired by everything they see: people who regularly customise and revisit everything they discover, creating new, composite home décor pieces.


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Oversized paintings

Oversized paintings are another recurring feature inside Indian homes: large decorative items that enrich and elevate the cultural atmosphere of the house. What we suggest here is borrowing the idea of oversized paintings, readjusting it to your own personal style. Don’t feel compelled to get the exact same painting an Indian would: you don’t want your home décor pieces to clash with each other.


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If you’re feeling cheeky, feel free to choose a cheeky painting: who wouldn’t voluptuous love a pair red lips blowing them a kiss every time they enter a room? Just keep in mind that regardless of which painting you choose, it needs to be oversized if you’re determined to remain faithful to Indian interior design principles.


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Candles and silver

Of course, something that can’t be missing from an India-inspired home are candles...and silver. India is the reign of silver: rings, bracelets and other silver items are skillfully crafted and shipped globally every day. And with reason: high-quality silver and the artisans’ skills make for precious and long-lasting beauty. Candles are pretty typical too, so we thought: why not combine candles and silver together? These etched silver and brass candle holders are sure to warm up the atmosphere and charm you with their shiny, elaborate details.


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