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Marie Antoinette home décor: your bedroom like a French boudoir

Marie Antoinette was not only the queen of France, but also the queen of elegance and style. Decorate your bedroom with a boudoir style, following our tips.

08 March 2018 239 0

The boudoir is one of the most sensual concepts of furniture in a feminine key, a secret space in which the ladies of a century ago were hidden from prying eyes, those who, at most, could spy on them with malice from the keyhole. Add a true French touch to your bedroom, decorate it like a modern Marie Antoinette would. The final result will be a romantic atmosphere, a charming environment, that will make you feel special and unique every day of your life. Your bedroom will become a dreamy place, like a bubble suspended in time, isolated from the stress and problems of everyday life, ready to welcome you in its elegant and sophisticated arm. If you think that the French Madames living style is the most desirable, here you will find all the tips you need to recreate it at home, right in your bedroom. From the velvet canapé to the silk screen, here is everything Marie Antoinette would have wanted in her palace.


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Password: velvet

The fist thing that come into our mind when thinking of an elegant French boudoir is velvet.There is no boudoir that can be defined as such without something velvet to sit on or, even better, lie in a chaise longue style. A velvet canapé with a vintage aftertaste will not only look sophisticated and charming, but its soft surface will make it extremely comfortable. It will be like a peaceful and soft island on which to nestle while choosing the outfit of the day. Velvet will put a spell on your home décor. When entering your fascinating boudoir, it will feel like a throw back in time, like a travel to the past, to another era. Use this luxurious materials for seats, bed headboards, cushions, and every detail that will inspire you a retro vibeIn this case the rococo echo will make every day your personal Marie Antoinette dream.


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A screen for mistery

Another of the protagonists of the boudoir is the so-called séparé, a screen to keep the ladies from undesired eyes.  This was a design accessory that was super popular in Versailles, a place where plots and secrets were as common as French croissants. However, the taste à la Marie Antoinette can be toned down a bit: perhaps it would make your corner somewhat kitschy, if combined with the dreamy velvet of your chaise longue or sofa. Instead, opt for a modern screen: the sensual effect from see-no-see will not suffer the slightest and the result of furniture will be refined. Moreover, the simple design of one element, with surely exalt the beauty of the rest of the furniture, with its classic and rich style. We guarantee the final result will be spectacular!


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A petite powder room

The boudoir is the female kingdom par excellence, and every woman deserves a corner dedicated just to her beauty, where to take care of herself and get to be a little frivolous. In Marie Antoinette’s times, they had an entire room dedicated to this purpose: the powder room. In modern houses, we can set a corner of our bedroom to become a miniaturized version of that, maybe hiding that behind the screen that we mentioned just now. This graceful beauty corner will truly look like a fairy tale. In order not to risk exceeding the rococo style, avoid opulent details: you are free to go for a classic style, but it is very important that you maintain balance and harmony in the environment.


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A regal bed for your sweet dreams

Once upon  time… a luxurious French style bed, right in your room. Marie Antoinette would totally love this soft and classic bed. The delicate light brown color is as sweet as a French cake, the design is the result of a tasteful mix between rococo and modern. The big headboard will make this piece the absolute protagonist of your bedroom décor.


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A closet en plein air

For this piece of furniture we want you to still get inspired by France, but in its current days. From the coolest Parisian apartments, a haute decor trend spreads in the world: the walk-in open closet. No doors must hide the beauty of your fashionable clothes. Every morning you have to be able to look at all of your suits, skirts, dresses, shoes and accessories, and style your look like a modern Marie Antoinette.


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Separate spaces with glass

Here is an idea to separate your Marie Antoinette room from the rest of the house: instead of a trivial wall partition, a glass door will be ideal for defining the sleeping space, dividing it from the walk-in closet. Choose it with an iron core, painted in black or white, or with a dark wooden frame: it will give that urban touch that will mitigate the boudoir vibe, just enough to make it more contemporary, without losing the retro style.


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Minimalism is allowed too

Some might might think that simplicity and minimalism are not allowed in  French style boudoir, but you have seen so far how we think that is wrong: combining different style is the only way to create a unique home décor, and let every piece shine of its true beauty. If you are among those who wouldn’t like more than one or two classic style items, feel free to follow your instinct and combine them with modern design pieces. If you are able to tastefully combine minimalism and rococo, the final effect with be stunning, and truly one of a kind.


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Never leave any detail to chance 

Style is hidden little things, true elegance shine in the smallest details. Moreover, the small accessories and items allow you to express what makes you special as a person, the unique characteristics of your personality. A silk pillow, a work of art hanging on the wall, a hand-made chandelier, could be the cherry on top of your boudoir bedroom, fully Marie Antoinette approved.


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