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Have your cake and eat it too: 2018 kitchen trends

Have your cake and eat it too: 2018 kitchen trends

Who said you have to sacrifice functionality for style? Thanks to the upcoming 2018 kitchen trends, you can have your cake and eat it too!

2018 is going to be the year that brings together style and functionality to create the perfect kitchen: warm, welcoming, practical and stylish, all at the same time. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s take a look at the new upcoming trends.

Handles and temporary storage space

“Functionality” is one of the keywords for 2018 kitchens, so let’s be happy together: handles are back! No more slippery drawers and ugly finger marks all over your cabinets. Designers seem to have finally realised that functionality is essential when it comes to cooking: you can’t leave your cake to burn because you're struggling to open the oven mitts drawer. Temporary storage space is essential too: practical open shelves are distributed around the kitchen in order for you to gain easy access to anything you need.


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Creative space

A workstation for chopping up your veggies, decorating a cake or kneading some pizza dough is quite handy! We normally use countertops or our table and a cutting board for all of that, but in reality, a workstation will make everything easier: it’s spacious and it’s even equipped with a little sink and garbage bins to maximize time and space.


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Storage solutions become more specific

If you're a professional chef (or you like to think of yourself that way), you own dozens, if not hundreds, of cooking utensils. Cheese graters, pans and pots, different sets of glasses for different drinks, cutting boards and whatnot: every single one of these items deserves its own dedicated storage space.


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Multiple ovens

The 2018 kitchen is not purely decorative: it’s the natural habitat of Masterchef fans, a kitchen where Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich could easily cook a royal dinner for twenty people. It follows that it’s equipped with all the nécessaire for you to express your love for food. Why have only one oven when you can use three, all at the same time? Multiple ovens are a feature that can't be missing from your kitchen if you often find yourself cooking dinner for a little crowd of people.


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Warm neutrals

If you think about it, the more time you spend in a certain room, the more essential it is that you feel welcome in that atmosphere. So, if you spend hours in the kitchen, you probably wouldn’t feel amazing surrounded by cold, dark colors; that’s why this year we’re seeing a comeback of warm neutrals, like brown, beige, and dark orange.


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Chrome and metallic finishes

In 2018, we’re most definitely not saying goodbye to our beloved metallic finishes: in fact, we can’t get enough of them. Why don’t you try playing with different types of metal, like steel and copper? You’ll create a sleek, shiny interplay that you will then soften with some warm, neutral shades. Tip: always mix shiny and matte surfaces together; a completely matte and opaque kitchen looks dull, while a fully metallic one would just feel cold.


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Show off your shelves

Until a couple of months ago, our shelves were hidden inside wall cabinets. Now, not anymore: shelves become an integral part of our kitchen décor: again, functionality meets style and design.


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Bold color schemes

Our 2018 kitchens will be characterized by an overall neutral tone, punctuated by unexpected flashes of color: bright yellow, lime green, red, orange… Our suggestion is to distribute these colors without following a precise outline: the idea would be to let your eyes catch unexpected glimpses of color from time to time, so let randomness lead you.


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A herb garden is quite useful in a kitchen, but any plant is welcome! We think you should play vertically here: avoid pots and floor vases, and focus on other creative solutions for a green kitchen. For instance, why not hang some plants around? You can even have them hanging over your kitchen island! A great 2018 trend for kitchen greenery is to have a living wall: a wall covered in vines to bring the outside in.


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