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I see you! The 6 interior design you are making

There are some major mistakes you might be making in your home décor, without even realizing it. But I see you!

09 March 2018 143 0

Decorating is a fun, exciting and inspiring task. While imagining our home décor, we all dream of a glossy magazine house, a large and bright apartment full of unique details, like those that appear on interior design blogs, but sometimes reality is different. Even though decorating is always a matter of matching the latest trends with our taste and personality, we should never forget some basic rules that are good for any style you want to create. In short, the risk of making mistakes is always around the corner, especially when the lack of experience and the desire to complete the decorating process as soon as possible. We also sometimes tend to look at glamour tendencies as absolute must-haves, without considering if these trends are suitable to the size of our rooms, to the rest of our furniture, to our lifestyle. It is easy to miss a beat and indulge in these six common mistakes. Lucky for you: we are here to warn you. If you are about to decorate a house, renovate your interior design, or simply want to put some thoughts into your current home décor situation, here is a list of six points you need to consider. Recognizing your mistakes is the first step to overcome them, right?


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1. Piling up 

We all love a house that tells a bit about ourselves: that is why we fill our interiors with objects that are souvenirs from our trips, with our favorite books, artworks, and objects that remind us of a happy occasion. The lived-in style can be charming, but do not forget that amassing and piling up things, even those which have a sentimental value to us, is never classy. We are not saying that you have to get rid of all of the superfluous: you just need to store it properly and tidily.


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2. Underestimate the choice of light design 

Some people seem to forget how important light design is in every environment: it can completely change the look of a room, accentuating the details of your interiors. Fundamental not only to make a home more luminous and elegant, but also for our well-being, lighting is one of the most important aspects of a well-thought home décor. A beautiful light design will be discrete, but with something unique to it: something that doesn’t overshadow the rest of the interior design, but is harmonious and balance with every element of the décor.


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3. Paint your walls without testing the color 

Never fall in love with a color at first sight! That might tempt you to start painting your walls, without having tested the tint. Color shades, in fact, look completely different when we look at color samples, and we might be very disappointed by the final effect, when all our walls are already covered with a tint we don’t really like. There is a simple way to avoid this drama: just paint a small portion of the wall, try to illuminate it with different lights, to be really sure that the shade is the right one for you.


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4. Not making room for some green

Every house should have a touch of green: plants make the environments more harmonious, and they have a therapeutic power on our mood. The excuse of not having a green thumb is now old and unacceptable: there are so many types of plants suitable for each apartment that you will surely find the perfect ones for you. Whether you have a little outdoor area or not, you should never neglect having plants and flowers around you.


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5. Too much mix and match  

We love eclectic and colorful houses, but be careful not to overdo with the mix and match. Combining too many different styles in contrast might transform your interiors into chaos. The risk is to stuff the rooms up, making them appear excessive, untidy and cluttered. It is better to select a general idea of style, and add your personal touch to it, without exaggerating.


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6. Bulky furniture

Size matters, but not always in a good way. Large pieces of furniture are suitable only for really wide spaces, and even so, you have to be careful to create a well-balanced home décor around them. In general, it is better to avoid bulky furniture: it will force you to organize the whole rest of the interiors based on one piece only, holding you from personalizing the environment with little personal touches.


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