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Windowless bathroom? No problem!

Windowless bathroom? No problem!

No windows in your bathroom? No problem! Seven tips to decorate a windowless bathroom.

A windowless bathroom can be challenging to furnish, but it is not an impossible task. Even if the room has no windows, it does not mean that it should be dark, gloomy, uncomfortable and poorly decorated. It just a little smart thinking about colors and functionality. But how do we create a stylish and welcoming bathroom, in a windowless room? Considering that ventilation and natural lighting are very important for the quality of the environments, every room should have a window to guarantee light and natural air, but sometimes the layout of our house doesn’t allow that for every area of the house. Especially when we have more than one bathroom to decorate, it is often the case that the secondary is smaller and windowless. There is no reason why you should underestimate the furnishing of such areas, for every room of the house is important to enhance the whole home décor. Here we listed seven tips, that we hope will help you in making your windowless bathroom as special as the rest of the house, with tasteful and elegant decoration that will not make you regret the natural light.


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1. Ban dark colors

It is not only a cliché: light colors can really make a space look wider. The logical follow up is that dark decoration tints, on the other hands, will give you the impression of narrowing the environment. Playing with light shades and neutral shades can be the right choice to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in your windowless bathroom, in which the artificial light sources will be amplified thanks to the color scheme. And we’ll tell you more: combining tints like beige, cream, light yellows and delicate pastel shades with a minimalist and modern style of furniture, will make your small windowless bathroom look even bigger.


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2. Organization and tidiness will be your best friends 

The absence of a source of natural and direct light alters the perception of space and disorients our eyes. Arranging the elements according to a rational order, assigning a clear function to each area of the space available, though limited, will transmit a sense of tidiness and calm. It is better to avoid exceeding with accessories or decorative elements, and organizing the storage units, the shelves and the drawers in the most functional way, and keep them that way.


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3. Vivid shades of color are not the best

In a windowless bathroom, every detail counts, and sometimes we have to put aside our tastes, if we want to achieve a satisfying result. If you like vivid colors and glossy surfaces, it is worth considering carefully whether choosing these characteristics to decorate this room. Busy patterns, vivid tints and bright glossy colors can weigh down a closed environment, creating a sense of discomfort: the last thing we want to feel in a bathroom. Therefore, it is better to opt for simple and monochromatic tints, natural looking materials and a more simple décor. We don’t want you to create a boring interior design: you can still play with textures, contrasts and combinations that will make the room dynamic and eye-pleasing, without that unfriendly claustrophobic effect.


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4. Never underestimate light design 

When natural light is lacking, it is fundamental to create a dynamic lighting system that can remedy the lack of windows . needless to say: you will need a lot of light, but you can’t randomly place a bunch of lamps and spotlight everywhere. A single ceiling light, placed right in the middle of the room, works well to illuminate the bathroom, but it is not enough. It would be better to choose a chandelier that combines many units together, or simply installing more than one ceiling light. In order to avoid the busy effect, go for simplicity: light will become the protagonist of your windowless bathroom, reflecting on the light colored surfaces and enhancing every detail of the decoration.


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5. Creativity is welcomed, but don’t overdo 

Every room of the house should reflect your personality, and you should always follow your creative impulse when decorating. That said, you must always keep in mind the characteristics of the room you are furnishing, its size and peculiarities. Not every room, in fact, can  be suitable for eccentric decorations and bold touches of styles. In a windowless bathroom, every touch of creativity must be well balanced with the rest of the interior design, the size of the area, and the light available. Since we are talking about a bathroom, an easy way to add an unconventional touch without overdoing, is choosing a stylish mirror. If you opt for an object with an unusual and creative shape, the effect will be very eye-pleasing, and the light that the mirror will reflect will make the whole room look bigger and brighter.


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6. Shower vs bathtub

One of the most heated debates for bathrooms… bathtub or shower? The tub is synonymous with relax and peace: there is nothing better than a hot bath after a long day at work. Yet the tub takes up a lot of space and, if the windowless bathroom does not offer many prospects to install one, the idea of a shower could be ideal. Don’t worry: having a shower doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort, even if it is just a secondary bathroom.  There are many solutions on the market: ground-leveled showers, that, in addition to being chic, is also safer, or multifunctional showers, with most innovative spa treats or chromatic therapy. The bottom of the shower takes up very little space compared to a tub, even in the most roomie versions, and is practical, to take advantage of all the space in the corner of your bathroom. If the size of the room allows it, you could even install a luxury two-people shower.


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