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2018 color trends: rainbows!

2018 color trends: rainbows!

Thanks to Millennials and their endless love for unicorns and Nyan Cat, rainbows will be a huge part of 2018 interior design color trends.

Just take a look around: rainbows are everywhere! Rainbow sprinkles and bagels, rainbow ice-creams, there’s even those psychedelic tie-dyed T-shirts from the 70s are making a comeback! So here’s our gift to you: take a look at this article if you’d like some inspo on how to style your house with all the colors of the rainbow.


Of course, this is where you want to start. Handle red with care! It’s an intense, passionate shade that might become a bit too much if you overuse it in your home décor. Trust us, you just want one or two bright red design pieces. How about getting a sofa and a coordinated pouf?


Check Jonas Ihreborn out for some creativity in action!


Orange is a bit less risky than red, especially if you focus on less vivid shades, like honey, sandstone and apricot. Why don’t you try looking for a piece of furniture that combines different hues? It will add lightheartedness and dynamism to any room!


Do you recognize the style? It's still Jonas Ihreborn!


Like red, yellow is another primal color, so our suggestion is: make it bright! A statement, round armchair will brighten up your living room or study, giving you a pick-me-up boost of energy whenever you need it.


Take a look at Rossi di Albizzate for comfy and lively sofas and armchairs


By now you might be asking yourself: “What if I don’t feel like getting a new armchair or sofa for every single color of the rainbow?” Well, no worries: you don’t have to! Little flashes of color here and there will still work wonders, creating new color connections and interplays all over your house. Besides, if your interior design is minimal, this decoration technique will suit your needs way better than a full-on explosion of colors.


Do you like this Magritte-inspired home décor item? Take a look at more designs by Gugliermetto Experience

However, if you're not scared to bring some green into your life, rest assured: there's thousands of designs out there. What about a traditional and yet modern clock?


Discover more by Car-Met here

Related: are you a fan of green? Take a look at this article we wrote on how to style your interior design with emerald green.


Blue is a discrete color, so feel free to splash it on a big piece of furniture. Blue is incredibly versatile: choose a darker shade, like indigo, if you want to give a somewhat solemn tone to your home, and opt for light-blue or aquamarine for a bit of calm joie de vivre.


Would you like to find out more about Giellesse? Click here!


Are you ready to have fun? Purple is a versatile color that you can employ always and everywhere! If you’re styling a tiny, modern apartment, purple is a classy but hip color that will immediately make your little abode cozy and stylish. Try coordinating more than one purple items!


Explore the world of Green Apple here

At the same time, purple can be one of the most eccentric colors ever. Are you a lover of dramatic, luxuriously over-the-top furniture? Then purple -- and violet -- will give you what you're looking for.


Morello Gianpaolo will provide you with all the eccentric extravaganza you need


We ran out of colors! We’ve been having a lot of fun finding these pieces of furniture for you, but what if you don’t have the time to do the same type of research? Or, what if you're in a small rented flat and don’t feel like investing too much into new furniture? No worries! All you need to do is finding a home décor piece that contains the whole rainbow by itself!


Take a look at more lighting solutions by Cremasco

Do you like art and prints? Great! You can transform your house into any Tumblr Girl’s dream just by hanging a few prints all over the place. This idea should be your go-to choice if you’re on a budget but still want your place to look fabulous.


Yes, we're back to the delightfully colorful Green Apple!

A touch of white

If you’re afraid your house will look a bit of a mess after your rainbow re-styling is over, don’t panic! You can totally balance everything out with a touch of the non-color par excellence: white. We’re suggesting you this shelving system because it’s pure genius and it’s an awesome space-saving solution, with a small table and two stools to extract from the main structure whenever you need them!


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