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Movelsul Brazil furniture fair: Eurooo goes to Porto Alegre

Movelsul Brazil furniture fair: Eurooo goes to Porto Alegre

This year Eurooo participated the Movelsul fair, with the goal to connect the South American furniture brands with the rest of the world.

Movelsul is one the main furniture fair in Latin America. It takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and this year Eurooo wanted to be there too for the 2018 edition, from March 12 to 15. It is the first time a delegation from Eurooo’s team participated this huge event, and the delegation was enthusiastic to find out more about the South American interior design world. The goal was to explore this market, its dynamics and main trends, in order to establish commercial partnerships based on trust and mutual interest.


Eurooo’s goal has always been to find the most beautiful and high-end brands, in order to provide every single client with the best solution possible according to their needs and tastes. In order to do that, the company is constantly seeking for new partnerships, new markets, new challenges, to make their offer the best and the most complete. That is why this year for the first time Eurooo went to Porto Alegre for the Movelsul 2018: find out which were the most successful brands from South America, see what is trending there, and study the market of this huge portion of the global furniture trade. Their team dived into the Brazilian furniture fair, spotting the most interesting interior design creators, talking with the suppliers about their projects and their visions, shared with everyone their vision and goals.


Eurooo’s team at Movelsul 2018 has now a much clearer vision of the Latin American furniture market, and is developing a plan of actions, according to the information they collected from the main suppliers at the fair. South America has a flourishing furniture design industry, but is has a major problem that keeps them from thriving in exportation towards the international market: the language barrier. It is hard for those brands, especially the medium-small size ones, to fully connect with a world-wide based market, also because of logistic issues: it is not easy to organize a safe transportation for high-quality furniture, nor to guarantee after-sales services for international clients.


Since e-commerce and online services are well developed for the main Latin American furniture brands, but only on a local basis, Eurooo saw a huge opportunity to make them grow, by establishing a fruitful partnership with them. Eurooo’s international platform, in fact, could bridge the language gap between South America and the rest of the world, thanks to its skilled and competent international team, that already deals with brands and suppliers from all over the world. Eurooo could really become the link between the international interior design market and the newly emerging Latin American brands, exhibiting every year at the Movelsul fair, making them available to its high-end clientele. This can and will be a great opportunity both for Eurooo and the Porto Alegre fair’s exhibitors. So be prepared for a beautiful invasion of furniture from South America, coming to our website soon.


But let’s look at the Movelsul Porto Alegre furniture fair more in general. The motto of this edition is "Design is in our nature"; the concept is clear: designers must be aware of the importance of eco-friendliness and environment protection, because furniture must not only be stylish and beautiful, but also conscious about the impact it has on the world we live in. Movelsul is committed to respect the environment is any aspect of the fair, even in the materials used to create and install the different pavilions for the exhibitions. On March 12, the gates of the largest furniture fair in Latin America opened to shopkeepers and traders, for  246 exhibiting brands. This number is very important, for it tells us that professional participants increased of  5% since last edition: this is a strong sign of the potentiality of the Latin American furniture market. Approximately 30,000 professional attendees are currently visiting the show, for 50 different nationalities.


The Movelsul furniture fair is not only a mere exhibition: it will be the occasion for some interesting projects and competitions, that have the goal of boosting South American furniture companies, being more aware of the current market situation and push emerging brands to work hard and be committed to their goals. The Buyer’s Project, for example, included meetings focused on exportation strategies, and the Retail Project, has challenged the exhibiting brands to develop specific products for the demands of Brazilian shopkeepers. The president of the fair, Edson Pelicioli, wants this fair to be a turning point for the furniture markets: he is well aware of the crisis that invested this sector in recent years, but he sees no reasons not be optimistic the opportunity for growth and progress are everywhere, especially in e-commerce. It is needless to say that Eurooo fully shares this vision, since it working to bring furniture e-commerce at a whole new level, combining a tailor made consultation with a the wide range of products only the online market can offer. We are hopeful that Movelsul 2018 will be the beginning of many collaborations, and that we will all be able to work together towards a common goal: providing international customers with the best furniture and the most professional services.

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