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Feng Shui says no: 7 things to avoid according to these Chinese principles

Feng Shui says no: 7 things to avoid according to these Chinese principles

Seven things you need to avoid if you want to decorate your house according to Feng Shui.

Some of us believe that our well-being is conditioned not only by ourselves, but also by the energy that flows through the universe, in every single object that exists on the planet. If the stream of energy can flow naturally, it can positively influence our lives; otherwise, it can be cause of discomfort. This is a simplistic way to explain the principles of Feng Shui: an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches us how to organize our life aiming to exploit all of this positive energy that pervades our world. So why not try it in our home decoration too? According to this oriental discipline that has as its main objective the perfect equilibrium of the environment surrounding us, any piece of furniture or object is able to condition our inner energy, especially in the place where we should feel more comfortable and at ease: our very home. There are numerous mistakes that we commit in interior design, without even knowing it: it is easy to break the chain of positive energy, ruining the atmosphere in our home. Whether it is a simple object placed in an awkward position, or a plant of flower not well taken care of, or the bed not properly arranged: the list of things to avoid at home according to Feng Shui is definitely very long. Do not panic: the solution is just a click away! We made a list of the main mistakes that everyone makes when decorating a home. When Feng Shui says no, you all must know what to do.


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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui has found its way into interior design trends recently, but people often forget its original meaning, the ancient philosophy that gave birth to its principles. That is why we want to briefly some up what Feng Shui really means, before finding out how to apply it to our home décor. Feng Shui is an ancient discipline based on Chinese philosophy that believes in the connection between  natural events and our vital energy, the so-called Ch'i, and the dynamic balance of Yin and Yang, the two opposite forces that are also complementary for other. According to this philosophy, even the arrangement of the furniture and the shape of the rooms, the design, the geometry of our home, the colors and the materials we choose to decorate it, are able to affect our well-being and our mood. Now that we know the basics, we are ready to list the main things to avoid for a perfect Feng Shui home. Stay with us, and find out!


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1. Different floor patters in the same room 

Floors are, according to Feng Shui, a metaphor for the strength of the house, since they represent the very foundation of the building. It is preferable to choose only one type of floor for the whole apartment, or at least for each room. Changing patterns or materials will prevent the energy to follow its natural course. An homogeneous flooring pattern, instead, will favor the positive energy to pass through our interiors, influencing our mood positively.


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2. Mirrors in the bedroom 

Ban mirrors from in the bedroom. This advice is based on the principle that mirrors do not only reflect images, but also energy: it would be ideal to avoid receiving reflected energy during sleep, because will make us feel more tired in the morning . However, it is understandable that this is a hard thing to avoid in a bedroom, so, in this case, Feng Shui offers us a compromise, suggesting that we simply shall not place mirrors facing the door, the windows, the bed or another mirror. This will be enough to avoid the energy vortex and guarantee us a resting sleep.


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3. Furniture and objects with edges 

The flow of energy should always be continuous in all the rooms of the house, in order to have a positive effect. Among the things to avoid according to Feng Shui, there are furniture and objects with squared shapes and sharp edges, which break the harmonious balance ensured by round or circular decorations or sinuous shapes.


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4. Beds, sofas or desks with the back facing the door

It is likely that you have thought of this Feng Shui tip yourself, and this is the proof that this ancient philosophy must have something right about it. Nobody likes not knowing or not being able to see what happens behind us: that is why we should not place sofas, seats, beds or desk with the back facing a door. If it is not possible to arrange the room in a more favorable way, help yourself with mirrors, so you can see when someone enters or leaves a room, even when you are not directly facing it.


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5. TV in the bedroom 

TV in the bedroom? Feng Shui says no! It is renowned how having a television in the bedroom can cause troubles to our social life, or to our personal relationship with our partner, but maybe you didn’t know that  it is also harmful for our mental and physical well-being. Everyone should avoid sleeping with electrical device near the bed. Even when they are turned off, the electricity flux can still be affecting us negatively. Banning the television from your bedroom will improve your life and well-being significantly.

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6. Black sheets for the bed

Undoubtedly trendy, blankets and sheets all in black are unfortunately banned from the Feng Shui philosophy. Decorating your bed with black accessories can negatively affect the energy of the room, and definitely put us in a bad mindset. If you really like black, you can still throw a few dark pillows in your bedroom décor, but never exaggerate with this color, if you want to follow the rules of Feng Shui.


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7. Placing the bed against the wall 

According to Feng Shui, energy should circulate around the bed, especially during sleeping hours, in order to guarantee a proper rest. Placing the bed in a corner, or having its headboard against a wall, would not allow the regeneration of this energy, breaking the healthy circle around us while we sleep. According to Feng Shui, the bed should be placed in the middle of the room, so that it will also allow us to freely walk around the area during the day.


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You might also like: Feng Shui bedroom: tips to create a positive energy through interior design. With these two articles, you will master the art of Feng Shui for interior design in no time! You will not regret coming to know this Eastern way of living, we promise!

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