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American dream: decorate your kitchen in true USA style

American dream: decorate your kitchen in true USA style

Bring the American dream into your interiors: decorate your kitchen with authentic USA style.

We are used to seeing them at the cinema, in TV shows and sitcoms, and they are always big, beautiful, classy and super equipped with every comfort you can imagine. You really can’t deny that: when it comes to kitchens, Americans really know how to do it with style. Who hasn’t dream of decorating their kitchen in true USA style? Those large and bright environments really look welcoming, warm, hospitable, making us feel like we could spend happy hours in them. What is it that makes American style kitchen so special and desirable? We tried to sum up all the main features of that home décor, so that you can transform your kitchen in a little American island within your home.


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A kitchen is not only for cooking

The kitchen is the center of the house, a place where the family gathers not only to cook and share meals, but most importantly to spend time together and create precious memories that will last a lifetime. So the atmosphere of this room is just as important as the appliances, the comfort and the organization of the space. A kitchen that brings the American dream into furniture must be, first of all, warm and welcoming: people have to feel happy and rejoiced when spending time there. A kitchen is not only for cooking: it is to experience a social moment, with the ones we love and care about. A true USA style kitchen is also extremely roomie: every family member or close friend must be accommodated comfortably, at any time of the day. The Americans are not renowned for their cuisine, so the cooking part is not central in the kitchen. Although, they do care a lot about having the latest technology supplies: high-quality ovens, professional stoves, food processors. They might not be used very often, but they will undoubtedly look cool on our stylish cabinets. 


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Marble is the favorite material in every American style kitchen. It can be used for counter tops, to make the island covering more original, maybe alternating it with another material. Marble can also make the most elegant backsplash, maybe to be placed underneath a window, or it can be the absolute protagonist of the interior, with a stone dining table There is no color indicated, but undoubtedly the reference is the Italian Carrara marble: the very best in terms of quality, beauty and elegance.


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A big fridge for a big appetite

A double-door fridge is almost mandatory for a truly USA kitchen. Large, roomy, technological and, almost needless to say, in steel - as well as all the other appliances - the refrigerator is one of the central and really essential elements of an American style kitchen. A big family with lots of friends needs a big space to store all the food for those Sunday morning brunches of family meals. Maybe you won’t cook egg and bacon in the morning, but you can still enjoy a big fridge for a big appetite.


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A central island

Without an island, it cannot really be an American style kitchen. Generally speaking, the bigger of an island you can fit in the room, the better: you will have a lot of additional storage space, if you have drawers and cabinets in your central island. Of course, you want to be able to  move comfortably everywhere in your kitchen, and have enough room to have a few stools around the island. The island will become the protagonist of the kitchen, with its beautiful marble or quartz counter top, and the rest of the furniture will gravitate around it like a beautiful and peaceful solar system. With all these roomy compartments, kitchen shelves, additional worktops, cooking will become a real pleasure for you and your family. Do not forget the appliances: the American kitchens are equipped with all the comforts and cutting-edge technology. Double oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, microwave, will be strategically placed on the different kitchen surfaces to optimize every inch of space available.


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Not enough room for an island?

Even if the space available is not enough for a big central island, you can still create that special American kitchen atmosphere. Giving up the island doesn’t have to make you worry. Opt for the semi-island breakfast bar, a stylish peninsula which will act as a divider between the living area and kitchen space. This solution will save some precious space in your kitchen, and you will still have that USA vibe in the room, with the stools around the bar and everything else that we mentioned earlier.


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And for the floors? Wood!

Are ceramic tiles easier to clean and to maintain for floors in the kitchen? Maybe, but in an American kitchen - as well as in an American house in general - the floor is strictly made of wood. The most refined effect? The sharp contrast between light colored furniture and a cream beige island with a beautiful dark parquet floor.


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Contrast of colors

Since we mentioned colors in contrast, we might as well state it clearly: it is a key point in American style kitchens. One of the most frequent features in USA kitchens, ideal to make the room more lively and visually dynamic, is to reverse the chose shades of colors that create an eye-pleasing contrast. The cherry on top of the cake, would be to choose the tints for the central island, inverting the colors of the rest of the furniture. It is a very popular trend in the States.


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Tailor-made furniture makes the difference

How do American style kitchens look so perfect? Easy: they are tailor-made. Wall cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, sideboards and also - why not - the breakfast bar are designed specifically for the room they will be furnishing. This is the only way to exploit every inch available in the room with style and functionality. Custom made is the key to success, to the American dream. 


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