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Warm colors for your living room: an empowering home décor

Warm colors for your living room: an empowering home décor

Warm colors in living rooms are the best way to create an energizing environment through interior design.

A living room must be cozy, welcoming, warm, it has to be the perfect spot for our leisure time. The best way to transform the atmosphere of this room is with colors! You surely know that colors can affect our mood, our well-being, our sensations and feelings. Using earth tints that remind you of the nature, warm colors that will embrace you in an energetic hug, will enhance the style of your living room and put you in a better mood. Brown, dark orange, deep green and intense yellow will be the best choices of color, to restore your spirit and fully enjoy time at home with your beloved ones. These colors have been proven to increase adrenaline and breathing rate, raise blood pressure and body temperature, thus making you feel warmer. The stronger the color is, the more intense this “warming” effect tends to be.

warm colors living room sofa

For couture fashion as much as for furniture design, this brand’s creations look always too good to be true. Look at more living room furniture by Fendi Casa here.

Raw materials and natural appeal

Warm colors are so effective because they instinctively remind us of nature. That is why wood and raw materials are the easiest way to include these tints in our home décor. This rule is true for every area of the house, but it will work particularly well in the living room. Objects and designs that show the most natural look of wood have both a reassuring and empowering effect on us, and skilled craftsman and designers have the ability to increase this feeling when creating their best works. Dialma Brown is a brand that mainly works with earth colors and natural look materials, and this cabinet is one of their finest pieces: minimalist, modern, and exalting the beauty of raw wood at best.

Warm colors living room cabinet

How do you like the natural wood of this modern design cabinet? Check out more warm color design objects by Dialma Brown here.

A drop color to catch the eye

Warm colors can be very powerful, they remind of sunlight, sand, fire, and heat. These tints are able to add a strong personality to a space, reflecting the temperament of the people who live in the house, instilling energy and warmth in them. These powerful colors are perfect for large rooms, since they eye-catching spots of color in the environment, adding dynamism and movement to the space. The bright orange of this coffee table, for instance, would make your living room vibrant and unique just with the intensity of its color. 

warm color living room tea table

This coffee table go tour attention for its futuristic and cutting-edge look. Do you like it? Find out more about designs by Cuco here

Is green a warm color?

You may think of green as a cold color, but certain tones and shades can make this tint work perfectly in a warm color scheme. The choice of material plays a great role in the perception of the colors too: alike wood, almost all the natural materials bring the same feeling of warmth and energy. Stones and marbles, when they come in warm deep tints, are able to give you the same instinctive feeling of a dark brown color. This little round table is designed by International Marmi, and it is a wonderful example of how the color green can fit beautifully in a warm color scheme environment: picture it next to the wooden cabinet we have seen before, and try to imagine the empowering feeling of these two design object combined. 

warm color living room table

Marble has definitely a powerful charm as an interior design element, don’t you think? Take a look at more creations by International Marmi here.

But what about the floors?

With such intense tints all over the interior design, it would be better to choose a neutral color for your flooring: both tiles and wood can would look fantastic in a delicate beige or a very pale brown. That said, we know you can’t resist and put a touch of color even on the floors. A carpet can be a wonderful accessory for a living room, especially if you have a very large area. A nice middle eastern style rug would be a beautiful feature for your living room, but if you think traditional carpets are too old-fashioned, there are brands that provide original solutions for your. There is an eccentric Spanish company, Hidraulik, that creates rugs that imitate majolica and mosaics: the trompe-l’oeil effect is astonishing, and the variety of warm colors they offer is really vast.

If you like the cerpet we selcted for you, check out more ideas for rugs and carpets.


Isn’t this carpet truly one of a kind? Find out more rugs and carpets by Hidraulik here.

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