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Airbnb: style an unforgettable guest bedroom

Airbnb: style an unforgettable guest bedroom

If you're considering renting a spare bedroom on Airbnb, take two minutes to read our 3 steps to style a bedroom so perfect your guests will be heartbroken to leave it.

The creators of Airbnb came up with this idea because they were looking for a way to allow people to travel without spending a fortune on a hotel; moreover, travelling with Airbnb allows you to immerse yourself completely in your destination’s cultural atmosphere. However, things have been changing quite a bit during these last few years: the range of high-end houses, apartments and rooms on Airbnb is continuously expanding. After all, not all travellers are backpackers! Some lucky people have a second house they can rent on Airbnb, but in truth, all you need is a spare room you can turn into a comfy, cozy room for a refined world traveller. Learn how by following our 3-step process!


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Step 1 -- Bare necessities

The bed. This is the first box you need to tick. You don’t know who’s going to rent the room: young people, old people, men, women, and you don’t even know their tastes. So, choose a bed with a cozy but overall neutral look; the most important feature is its level of comfiness: everything else is secondary.


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Towels. Please, please, please, from the bottom of our hearts: don’t be one of those Airbnb landlords who don’t provide towels! Low-cost flights require people to pack light, so show some care and attention towards your guests. Plus, good-quality towels will do wonders for your rankings on Airbnb!


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Carpet. Sometimes travelling and sleeping every night under a different roof can make people feel homesick and a bit uprooted. What can you do to minimize this feeling? Easy: style your floors with a soft carpet. Your guests will enter the room and feel welcome in a homely environment. Trust us, they will never want to leave your place!


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Rug. If you don’t feel like redoing the whole floor, no worries! Just get a large rug, and the feeling of coziness will be just as great. There are no rules as to colors or patterns: just make sure the rug provides a thick layer of warmth, and that the texture is firm, but soft.


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Step 2 -- Relax&Entertainment

Sofa. Now that you’ve made sure your guests' basic needs are covered, it’s time to think about the relax and entertainment part. It’s not necessary, but if you have a big enough room, why not? People will be happy to rent a room that’s as comfortable as a hotel suite, but in a less impersonal environment. A sofa is a great idea for them to relax after a long day of walking around and exploring the city!


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Armchair. We get that you may not have enough room for a couch, but we’d still recommend getting a comfy armchair! Try to get one with a spacious seat, which will make for a good compromise if you can’t get a sofa. However, the ideal number of armchairs is two: you need to keep in mind that most people travel with a friend or a partner, therefore most of the time you’ll be putting up two guests at a time.


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TV station. People who travel don’t often watch TV, but still: first of all, you never know, and second of all, most people do travel with their laptop! This means you’ll make them very happy if you give them the chance to connect their laptop to a flat screen and relax in front of a movie in the evening. You don’t need to get a super fancy TV cabinet; after all, your guests are not going to care too much about that. However, quality and style are still important! Our tip is to choose a neutral and understated cabinet: a cabinet that combines wood and glass will bring out the TV screen without taking any attention away from it.


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Desk. The world is full of freelancers who work from home with their laptop, and some of them may actually end up in your Airbnb room for a bit! Offer them a small but functional workstation and they won’t believe their luck for finding your place.


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Step 3 -- Extra luxury

Food trolley. This may be a great addition to your Airbnb services if you’re counting on providing breakfast. Some hosts don’t, but some others actually enjoy preparing breakfast for their guests, and even baking cakes for them! If you belong to this category, a cute food trolley might come in handy.


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