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Design that never gets old: the timeless classic pieces you need

Design that never gets old: the timeless classic pieces you need

Some furniture design really never gets old. Find out which timeless classic you need in your interiors.

If you never want to  repent of a home décor choices, you have to go for a timeless classic, that will never, ever get old. Like an old song that we never grow tired of listening too, a good novel that we would read a hundred times, a classic piece of furniture will always look charming in our interiors. When we talk about classic, we don’t mean an old-fashioned style, that only expresses the tastes of its era: what we want to refer to, are the pieces that never look aged, the furniture that belong to the history of design. There are timeless home decoration accessories, precious elements that grow tired from, that we will  always love to see in our interiors, because they are elegant, functional and so charming. Here is our wish list, for a décor that never gets old. 


What is more classic that this iconic armchair? Find out more about Poltrona Frau and its timeless creations here.

The free standing bathtub

Functional, elegant and extraordinarily romantic, a free standing bathtub can transform your bathroom from zero to her in no time. It does not need a support wall, so you can set the bathroom with an unconventional arrangement, with the tub right in the middle of the area. The retro vibe of a free standing bathtub, combined with the minimalist style of the most renowned brands, will transform your bathroom into the most elegant and peaceful oasis that you can imagine.


Take a look at more simple and elegant bathroom accessories by Rexa Design, click here.

The canopy bed

A free standing tub is definitely romantic, but a canopy bed is even more dreamy! A romantic retreat that will make you feel special, an intimate cradle, a safe shelter from the everyday life. Make your bedroom the perfect place for a modern princess, and choose a bed whose design will never get old.


How do you like this bed? Check out more exclusive furniture design by Gold Confort here.

A modernist piece

Furnishing your interiors with a design icon means adding value and personality to the home décor. The vintage pieces will take place next to the most modern ones, without ever losing their charm. In the last decades of the 20th century we have witnessed the so-called democratization of design: objects designed by the greatest minds of that time entered common homes, since even the small class got wealthy enough to buy them, and educated enough to appreciate them. Buying an icon of modern or contemporary design means adding a strong distinctive touch to your interior decoration, and having a piece of furniture that will be appreciated by the generations to come as well. The famous chaise longue, for instance, designed by the great architect Le Corbusier, is not only a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture: is a true work of art, a rightful part of the history of design, along with its legendary creator.


This chaise longue is the quintessence of a timeless classic. Take a look at more products from the brand Cassina here.

The bergère

You may think of it as your grandmother's armchair, but the bergère continues to be one of the most comfortable and elegant seats. This model was born in the eighteenth century: an upholstered seat whose undeniable comfort and style made it loved around the world. Perfect for reading corners, the bergère is often the ideal complement for the sofa area, adapting to the interior design style with its countless variations. Modern designers used the bergère as an inspiration, to create their most successful pieces, combining its classic allure with minimalism, modernism and anything that could add a personal touch to this timeless classic. The comfort and the elegance of this piece of design, guarantee us that it will always be a part of our home décor.


Click here and check our more chairs and seats design by Artifort.

The wall bookcase 

The wall bookcase is one of the most popular furnishing elements ever, even in the digital era we are living in. You can choose to make a customized one, so that you can dress your walls with refined elegance and fill the niches of your favorite books, family pictures, and memories from your travels. It could be a wonderful idea to cover the whole surface of a wall with a tailor-made bookcase, or even two: book lovers will have all the room they need to store their novels, and they will become an interior design element as well.


Look at more modern bookcases by Novamobili here.

The round table

The round table is a very versatile interior design element: it can be combined with informal modern chairs, as well as more elegant and classic style armchairs. Especially when your interiors are not very roomy, it could be the smartest solution to exploit the space available more functionally, while adding a more unconventional touch of style to your home. The round table is definitely a piece of furniture that we will not regret of buying. It will also allow us to choose different materials: we could opt for a classic wooden table, a minimalist glass one, or a design that features an elegant material such as marble. Plus, by placing in a room where the rest of the furniture has squared shapes and neat lines, it will add an interesting contrast to your home décor, making it more dynamic and vibrant.


Discover more astonishing furniture design by the brand Luxury Living, click here.

The console table

The console table is definitely in our list of timeless classics. This little table that is usually placed against the wall in our living room or in our corridor, turns out to be not only stylish, but also extremely handy. It works as a container, giving us with additional storage space, which is always most appreciated. Especially when the console is small, we can fit it also in areas where we wouldn’t usually see one: in the bathroom, kitchen and, of course, in the doorway, to make a perfect first impression on our guests. Like all the classics, the console is an all-rounder element, that can be suitable for many styles of designs: modern, minimalist, romantic or futurist.


Check out more elegant wooden furniture like this console table. Find out more about Mocape's design here.

The floor lamp 

The last object on this little list of ours, but definitely not the least important, is the floor lamp. Light design is a fundamental element for an impeccable home décor, and it must not be neglected. A good illumination must be perfectly harmonized with the surrounding environment, it must be special and unique, without overshadowing the rest of the furniture. It is not easy to find the perfect light, but it is certain that every living room needs a floor lamp, in order to be complete. A floor lamp’s main characteristic is to be "totemic": to have a strong sculptural presence and therefore to act as a strong decorative element. There are different types and very different styles of floor lamps, but we like the modernist better: simple, functional, and unforgettable. In other words: another timeless classic.

Contardi is a leader of light design. Look at more products by this renowned company here.

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