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A light that never goes out: the trendiest floor lamps design for your home

Choose between these six floor lamps, for a design whose light will never go out.

15 March 2018 114 0

Light design is one of the most important part of the home decoration. When it comes to the living room, if is even more fundamental. In fact, the living area is the space we use the most, where we spend more time with our friends and families, where we spend our leisure hours, reading a good novel, listening to some music, or simply relaxing by ourselves. It is also the most area of the house that most can express our personality through interior design: that is why every element has to be perfect, for aesthetic, functionality and style. The right choice for a floor lamp could enhance the décor of this room in an incredible way. Floor lamps are among the most popular lights, always present in the living areas of all kinds of homes, thanks to their ability to illuminate and exalt the beauty of the surrounding elements. They can, in fact, be used for ambient lighting, or to create a perfect reading corner, or to add personality to a specific spot. Let us take a look at these six astonishing floor lamps: seven designs that will meet all the tastes and needs, and charm you with their unique and unmistakable style. Are you ready to discover some lamps that will turn on the elegance light in your home décor?

1. Arc lamp to illuminate where needed


Floor lamps are ideal for having additional sources of light and to brighten a specific part of the room, a spot that required to be particularly illuminated. The arc floor lamp is a timeless modernist classic, but it looks wonderful even in its more contemporary reinterpretations. This type of lamp that makes creates a fascinating light cone, which combines with the minimalist shape of its base creating a dynamic visual effect. The arc lamp is ideal if you need to add a special detail to your living room, but want to go for something that will not overshadow the rest of the furniture.


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2. Next to the sofa, for a soft atmosphere

The ideal place for a floor lamp in the living room is next to the sofa. It is in this position that its design can express at best its potential, both as a decorative element and as illumination, of course. In the picture we selected for you, you can see a wonderful wrought iron floor lamp, next to a romantic sofa. The light makes the atmosphere soft and dreamy, its discreet design is perfect to diffuse a warm and soft light throughout the room.


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3. For a perfect reading corner 

Booklovers, this is for you. What is the aspect of a reading corner that contributes the most to make the atmosphere really special? It is the light design, of course! once you have chosen the most comfortable and cozy armchair you could find, it is time to pair it with a floor lamp. The light must be powerful enough to make you be able to read comfortably, but not so powerful to spoil the dreamy atmosphere.


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4. Luminous sculptures

Floor lamps can be a beautiful way of introducing art into your home décor. They often have sculptural forms and important dimensions, eager to be the protagonists of style in the décor of your living room. Manufactured in every material and shape, they are also chosen for the artistic beauty they can bring into the house, as long as to illuminate their surroundings with a unique light.


Discover more artworks and creations by Jacopo Foggini here.

5. Define a space by adding a special touch

As already mentioned, the floor lamp can basically  be placed anywhere in the living room, and not necessarily next to sofas or in the corners. In fact, light is often the best way to define a space, and give new dignity to certain areas of the room. Illumination can really be the cherry on top of your interior design, if are able to make unconventional choices, and to create an homogeneous and coherent décor.


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6. In place of the chandelier 

The floor lamps are, moreover, an excellent alternative to chandeliers, especially for rooms with a very high ceiling: it would take an enormous ceiling light to illuminate those environments from above. In these situations, a powerful floor lamp could be the key to success: combining it with spotlights, and additional illuminations, will give our room as much light as it needs.


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