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Green lifestyle from the USA with eco-friendly Loll Design outdoor furniture

Choose environment-friendly furniture for your outdoor: your lifestyle will benefit from it, without settling on the appeal of the design.

16 March 2018 96 0

Loll Design is an American furniture company based in Duluth, Minnesota. This brand has a simple and clear philosophy: to create ecologic furniture for outdoor spaces that could provide people with beautiful and resistant items. Many furniture companies profess a green philosophy and an eco-friendly thinking, but not all of them back their words with actions. Loll Designs is proud to be one of the few brands that truly cares about sustainability of the materials and the production process, putting all of their efforts into making a 100% business. Just to make one example, Loll Design production headquarters don’t consume energy for heating their space in the winter, because the heat produces during the manufacturing process is reutilized for that purpose.


Gregg Benson, founder of Loll Design, wanted to transfer into his company his love for nature and outdoor activities. Benson pursues a green lifestyle both in his personal and business attitude. Loll design started as a small startup and it quickly became a multiple award-winning design company. The secret of this success was staying true to its original philosophy and maintain high ecological standards and coherence. Loll Design designs and crafts outdoor furniture made with high-density polyethylene, all of which is completely post-consumer recycled. This material guarantees not only eco-compatibility, but also an excellent resistance to water, wind and any type of weather.


Designers at Loll have always been inspired by the masterpieces of design history, trying to combine their inspiration with the pursuit of a green lifestyle. The Adirondack chair, one of the most successful pieces of Loll’s collection, is a perfect example of this process.  The design piece that has inspired Loll is the first is the iconic Westport Chair designed by Thomas Lee in 1903 for his New York state summer cottage overlooking Lake Champlain in Westport. The Westport is undeniably the most iconic American outdoor lounge chair and the original design that was reinterpreted by countless artists all based on that original idea. Thomas Lee was aiming to create a comfortable outdoor chaise longue, for the purpose of watching summer sunsets over the lake with a drink resting on the arm, or enjoying his morning coffee and a newspaper  in total peace and relax. The chair has an modernist simplicity, a rustic and craftsman charm that is still as trendy today more than 100 years after its creation. Loll Design always wants to be unique and original, but also wanted to pay a tribute to some pieces of furniture that are part of the history of modern art. As a show of respect to Lee’s chair that really started a higher level of outdoor comfort and design, and now more than 10 years into Loll, the designers felt it was time to honor Lee’s chair with a Loll version that could stay true to the original.


Since the business started in 2005, Loll Design transformed more than 50 million milk jugs into beautiful and functional outdoor furniture. The sustainability of the process doesn’t compromise the design: every piece from this American brand is trendy, modern and appealing. Loll Design furnishes hundreds of gardens, leisure areas and domestic outdoors with their charming supplies. The modern design and the proficient quality of this furniture gained the trust of luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants’ owners.


Loll Design has thought of the winter season too, when you can’t use your outdoor furniture as much as you’d want to. Snow, rain and wind may keep you from spending time outside, but when the spring comes again, you will want to find your furniture just the way you left it. Loll furniture was meant to spend its days al fresco throughout all four season. After all, it’s made in Duluth, Minnesota, and tested to survive some pretty bad winters. That being said, it is not recommended to leave it in an area that is susceptible to high piling of snow – (think eaves, snow-blowers and snowplows). The weight of a lot of wet, heavy snow over an extended amount of time can compromise the material. Remember, it’s really durable and highly resistant to extreme conditions, but not indestructible. Loll’s furniture is even used at ski hills. That’s right: Spirit Mountain in Duluth uses our poly material in their terrain park. They’ve chosen it specifically because of its durability outdoors and in cold and wet conditions.


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