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Italian kitchens: quality lessons from Valcucine

Italian kitchens: quality lessons from Valcucine

A brand that for over 35 years has been creating high-quality Italian kitchens, receiving worldwide appreciation; let’s learn more about Valcucine before Milan's Salone del Mobile 2018.

Valcucine is a world-renowned Italian brand that for over 35 years has been manufacturing extremely high-quality kitchens. From the beginning in 1980, the mission of Valcucine has been to create contemporary and, at the same time, timeless designs that would be instrumental in taking families and individuals alike through the journey of life.



Since the very beginning, the idea behind Valcucine was to create a new, modular and functional kitchen that would seamlessly fit into today’s busy life. As our lives are stressful enough, the goal of a modern kitchen should be that of letting us cook without feeling any sort of stress or fatigue. That’s why Valcucine started creating ergonomic kitchen designs that would allow people to feel the joy of cooking while minimizing the almost inevitable consequences: cleaning up and feeling uncomfortable after hours spent standing up. And in fact, not only do Valcucine guarantee maximum comfort and freedom of movement; they’re also made of light and easy-to-clean materials, such as aluminium. Even the wooden line has been designed with practicality and functionality in mind, thus making sure that tradition would meet contemporary life.



Valcucine kitchens are certainly designed with innovation in mind, but there is also a constant, respectful attention to the values of tradition. After all, the kitchen is the heart and soul of a house, where most of our interactions with our loved ones happen. Kitchens are a place of learning and growing, and as far away as we can fly from our nests, we can hardly forget our roots. For this reason, Valcucine kitchens are planned as a living space, where a family can gather to cook, tell stories, strengthen their bond, and children can play and learn to grow and spread their wings. The concept of a kitchen that's made to be lived rather than just being a quick stop before leaving the house is also clear from the way Valcucine designers style the space: polished and refined counters are carelessly covered with everyday objects and utensils. Valcucine is most definitely not a synonym for "kitchen snobs". For the die-hard lovers of tradition, Valcucine has designed a line of kitchens made of one of the warmest materials ever -- wood: a home inside a home.


Environmentally friendly designs

The importance of creating kitchens using 100% environment-friendly materials has been one of the goals of Valcucine from the very start. Valcucine believes that health and wellbeing are two qualities that are equally important for people and our Earth alike, and so today, whoever wants to make sure to live in a non-toxic kitchen while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint, can rely on Valcucine, knowing they can choose from a vast range of environmentally friendly materials. For instance, Angel Skin is a new material that is 100% PVC-free. Another example? Back in 2006, Valcucine presented Artematica, the first kitchen that is completely recyclable.


Valcucine overseas

Valcucine is an Italian brand, but this does not mean it is solely sold in Italy. Today, Valcucine is present in more than 370 showrooms all over the world, from Europe to the United States, from India to South Africa, and many other geographic areas. In fact, their almost omnipresent quality is quite striking: only recently, Valcucine opened a new flagship store in New York, was present at the London Design Festival, took part at Brera Design Days, just to name a few international events and openings. Finally, in just a few weeks, we’ll find Valcucine at an unmissable event, the world-famous Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan. All we can say is that we can’t wait to be once again blown away by Valcuncine’s timeless yet innovative designs.


Would you like to find out more about Valcucine? You can browse their designs and history here.

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