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Luxury hotels suite? Create one at home!

Luxury hotels suite? Create one at home!

Who needs luxury hotels when you can have a five stars suite right at home? Find out how to create it.

A five-star house is the dream of everyone, travelers or not. You do not have to suffer from wanderlust - the frenzy that leads you to dream night and day to travel - to be able to fully appreciate the comforts that usually characterize luxury hotels rooms. Anyone would love to be spoiled like a high-end guest of a grand hotel, but it would be even better to get that feeling in our everyday life. Here is all you need to do to transform your home into a royal suite, to treat yourself with some special details that will really make the difference. Here's how to furnish your home like the best luxury hotels.


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The desk


The writing corner is one of the typical comforts we can find in hotel rooms, and creating a little desk area will make the room chic and high-end. You can choose a special piece of furniture, that has a style that contrast a bit with the rest of the furniture, to define the little writing corner and separate it from the bed area. You can also add a little shelving unit or a petite bookcase next to the desk, with a comfortable and ergonomically shaped chair. It will turn out to be a perfect corner in which to write down thoughts on your diary or even to powder your nose as a coiffeuse.


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A courtesy kit for the bathroom


Who says courtesy bathroom kit have to be reserved to guests? Treat yourself and enrich your bathroom with goodies like mini-sized cosmetic products and wrapped soap bars, but most importantly choose the softest fabrics for your towels and bathrobe. To create a real weekend-getaway atmosphere, place tidily the robes in a wooden basket or a rattan bag: shabby chic is the way to go!


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Velvet curtains


The double curtains are one of the main features of hotel rooms: a light and soft one that lets the sun light in, and a thick and dark one to protect your morning sleep. Velvet is the most suitable material for the darker layer of the curtain: luxurious, smooth and extremely elegant. Your room will be transformed into a luxury hotels suite in no time.


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A dressing table


For those who, to the corner of the desk, would prefer something more frivolous, the dressing table is a must for you home-made hotel suite. The ladies will love this room accessory, perfect to indulge in a little vanity. The dressing table will support you in your beauty moments, being a perfect spot for all of your lipsticks, mascaras, blushes and everything you need, and will make your bedroom look sophisticated and beautiful just as much as you are.


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A comfy pouf  


Even the soft velvet-covered beanbag sits at the top of the list of those who want to give Grand Hotel style to their interiors. Place it next to the bed to use it as an alcove in which curl up  during your leisure moments, and as a servo-silent on which you can throw your clothes and accessories while undressing.


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The bar cabinet


What would a luxury hotels room without a bar cabinet? Nothing says royal suit like a midnight drink served right in your bedroom, while you are wrapped in your most comfortable bathrobe. If you don’t want everyone to know about your little liquor storage, you can opt for a discrete cabinet, that will furnish your room with style and minimalism, while hiding your little secret.


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Pillows on the bed


Another of the typical courtesies reserved for guests in the suites are the garlands of cushions that decorate the headboards of the bed. Don’t be scrooge, and cover your bed too with fluffy and soft pillows of all sorts! Every night when you throw yourself on them, before falling asleep, you will feel like a million dollars!


Pillows, pillows, pillows! Check out all of them here, discover the world of Soul.

A two-seats sofa


Instead of the armchair, often seen in bedrooms, you can choose a double sofa or even a chaise longue as an additional furniture element for your personal suite. It will be ideal to read a few pages of a good book before going to bed, or to enjoy your favorite music while relaxing. The two-seats sofa will be the perfect addition to your desk area, creating a mini studio within your bedroom: functional, handy and stylish.


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Vases with flowers


Enrich each room with a green corner, where you can place vases with fresh flowers cacti or luxurious plants, to welcome you in your bedroom in the best way. You can also combine some colorful candles with the plants, to make the natural scents even more intense. There is nothing more rejoicing than seeing flowers, smelling their perfume and let yourself go to the beautiful memories it evokes.


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A well-designed light is essential every room, and most of all in a bedroom that aspires to look like a luxury hotels suite: different light spots give the room a sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere, but do not forget to place even a more intense light, to be switched on when necessary, or to be adjusted with a dimmer. Choose chrome lamps with captivating lines, classy chandeliers or modern light points: even the luxury hotels will ency your impeccable taste.


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