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Space management: enhance your studio apartment!

Space management is a key skill to learn, especially if you’d like to style a tidy and organized studio apartment. Read the article and learn this skill!

21 March 2018 104 0

Everyone has to go through the “studio apartment" phase in their lives. Big cities are the best place to live in, especially when you’re young: first of all, you’re way more likely to find a decent job there rather than in the country; then, city people tend to be open minded, and you never feel really lonely, because, in the end, 90% of the people around you are not native of that area! This means that if you’re feeling lonely and you’re craving some company, all you need to do is head down to your local pub and strike up a conversation with a stranger. However, big city life has its downsides too; mostly, being forced to live in a tiny studio apartment because you don’t have many savings yet, and that’s all the room you can afford to rent at the moment. But no worries! If you read this article, you’ll find out that maximizing the space of a one-room apartment is actually not that difficult. Just follow these key principles.


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Plan ahead

We often must resign to the idea of spending at least a couple of years in our studio apartment, but, because we start off thinking it will be just a short, temporary solution, we forget to plan ahead. More often than not, the result is that we end up spending two years of our lives in a completely disorganized space, where it looks like everything was chosen at random. And let’s be honest, that’s pretty much how it went down. The main issue here is that a randomly furnished place seems a lot smaller and messier than it actually is! So plan ahead: what color schemes are you going to use? What materials? Color schemes are one of the best and cheapest ways to create coordination. And, to give the impression of a bigger space too! For instance, try adopting yellow as the recurrent color: a rich and super bright shade will lighten up your studio apartment, making it seem more spacious.


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Be minimal

Some interior designers think that minimal design is always the best choice for your house. Well, we disagree: some spaces are actually quite impoverished by minimal furniture. However, this is the only logical solution to your lack-of-space problem: we know that it feels nice being surrounded by memories, travel souvenirs etc, but the risk is that you’ll end up buried alive under all sorts of unnecessary junk. So let’s face it: you can’t afford to hoard anything, and most of all, you can’t afford to get bulky furniture! Be minimal: always opt for the piece of furniture with the cleanest design. For instance, a bed with a minimal, essential structure with lots of room underneath will immediately make you room seem airier. Plus, if you really do want to hoard some things, at least you’ll have some extra storage room under the bed. And, if you leave it empty, there will be enough room for the traditional scary Boogeyman hiding under the bed.


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Built-in storage space

A walk-in closet is not a possibility in a studio apartment; unfortunately, sometimes even a perfectly normal wardrobe is not! Wardrobes take up heaps of precious space that you could instead use for more interesting purposes. Like stretching your legs, for instance. The ideal solution for space-saving storage space is to convert to built-in storage solutions! Because of structural and architectural reasons, this is not always possible, but get them if you can: you’ll be amazed at how much space you can save. Alternatively, if you still have to embark on the stressful and much feared house-hunting expedition, put “built-in storage space” at the top of your list of necessary features your studio apartment must have.


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Use transparency

Transparent objects won’t actually help you save space, but in a way they will maximize it: they virtually take up close to none visual space! Would you like some tips on what kind of transparent home décor pieces you could use to your advantage? Cabinets, chairs, tables...almost anything! Resin and plastic are such common materials that you could furnish a whole house with transparent furniture. Plus, studio apartments normally have a fresh and young vibe about them, so both these materials are perfectly fit for this environment. But what about glass ceiling lamps? Hanging from the ceiling, they won’t take up any space! Tip! Choose a glass lamp with a fun touch of color!


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Organize, organize, organize

Everything needs to have its own dedicated space! We know we sound like your mother, but put everything back as soon as you’re done using it. And don’t just chuck it at random in a drawer: even the insides of drawers need to be perfectly organized.


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Multi-purpose items are another must for a small studio apartment: instead of having multiple objects and accessories each assigned to a specific function, try getting items that can cover more that one task.


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Use walls

Take advantage of your walls every time you can! For instance, we’re just taking a guess here, but a free-standing coat hanger is probably something you cannot afford: it would take up way too much space, especially in winter, when you’re wearing heavy coats. So get some coat hangers you can just fix on the wall: a series of colorful ones will also double as decorations whenever they’re empty.


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This is another smart trick: rather than having solely horizontal or vertical lines, try getting a piece of furniture with some dynamic diagonal lines! It will make your studio apartment feel and look more alive and energetic.


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Give importance to every detail

Because you live in a small, contained space with -- hopefully -- a few, well-selected objects, everything you style your studio apartment with should be a piece of décor! It doesn’t matter if it’s a cute flower pot or a bowl for your keys: just put attention and care into choosing it, and your home décor will be hip and unforgettable.


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