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Mad Men – Furniture for today's Don Draper

Mad Men – Furniture for today's Don Draper

Would you like to style your house after the early 60s vibe of Mad Men? Read the article and learn the key rules to nail that look!

There’s a good chance you’re among the millions of fans who watched (or bingewatched) every single episode of Mad Men, the TV show centered around Sterling Cooper, a successful advertising agency on Madison Avenue, and the lives of the advertisers working there. Now, the series starts at the very beginning of the 60s, so we thought it would be really cool to find some home décor pieces to take us back to one of our favorite TV shows!

Basic designs

This rule may not apply to everything, but back then it did apply to most chairs and lighting solutions. Chairs used to have slender, sleek metal legs, with a thin leather seat; as for lights, the concept was very similar: a long, thin black pedestal and an overall essential structure. Colors used to be pretty essential too: red, yellow, blue, white, etc. Our tip? Rather than styling your living room with this type of furniture, why don’t you use it to style an informal study room, or better yet, a cozy studio where you can draw, paint, or dedicate yourself to the hobby that suits you best?


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Functional beds

From the majestic, elaborate beds of the 40s and 50s, in the 60s designers started to create beds with a more functional, almost aerodynamic structure. The man of the 60s is a man with a stable, successful job, who’s also starting to travel more, both for leisure and for work: what he needs is not a Baroque bed, but a comfortable, easy place to rest and  quickly recharge his batteries to face a new day.


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Large drawers and cabinets

People were busy-bees, they would often travel and, on top of all this, the 60s were the decade when people started to have a bubbly social life too! Pic-nics, cocktail parties, informal dinners, work dinners, dates...all of these different occasions would require different dress-codes, so large drawers were a fundamental necessity.


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Wall-to-wall carpets

Back then, everyone used to love carpets! As to why, this is a mystery: considering how in the 60s everyone used to smoke indoors, we can’t even imagine what entering a fully carpeted room must have been (or smelled) like. In particular, shades like pistacchio, gray, pale pink used to be particularly appreciated as floor decoration; moreover, in the 60s there started to be a growing appreciation for geometric patterns as well, so there you go: the perfect Mad Men carpet for you.


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Comfy kitchens

Functionality doesn’t necessarily mean lack of comfort! Kitchens in the 60s are still very much the heart of the house; in fact, thanks to technology and the economic boom, they become even more accessorized: dishwashers are finally starting to become more common, together with other utilities, like blenders, mixers, and so on. We love this style of kitchen as pictured below: the vertical cream-white wooden planks do take us back to the typical American kitchen of the 60s, together with a small, practical kitchen island that can be used for food preparing, as well as for quick meals.


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The 60s might be the decade when the first hippies started to gather around, advocating for world peace and a more laid-back lifestyle, but most people were still working their 9-to-5 everyday jobs. Their desks used to be designed as minimal and functional working stations, where everything could be stacked and organized inside drawers and compartments. So how about a miniature version of a 60s storm blue desk, which you can now use as a decorational side table for your living room?


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Wooden, upholstered armchairs

Lighter shades of brown were the most popular in the 60s, as far as wood was concerned. In particular, these armchairs with a clean, wooden structure and bright cotton upholstery used to be all the rage! Comfortable and cheerful, they make the perfect seats for a tight-knit circle of friends who just want to enjoy a drink while sharing what happened at work during the day, and their plans for the weekend.


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