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Made in Italy: 120 years of Giorgetti

This year the historical brand of Made in Italy furniture, Giorgetti, is celebrating its 120th birthday. Let’s take a dive into its style while we’re waiting to admire it at Milan’s Salone del Mobile.

23 March 2018 139 0

In 1898, in a small town about 30 km to the north of Milan, Luigi Giorgetti opened a small workshop with less than ten workers. Today, 120 years later, Giorgetti is a well-established international brand, with ateliers all over the world; a brand whose achievements have been regularly recognized by important design competitions and interior design authorities, such as Elle Decoration China. Giorgetti’s passion for mixing tradition with innovation translates into the creation of unique pieces of classical beauty and an incredibly high attention to detail.


A dining room styled with the Ala chair

The secret of a brand like Giorgetti is the neverending, unstoppable research for new ideas and inspiration: since at least the 60s, Giorgetti put work and effort into creating new collections, drawing from different styles. One of the most notable and famous collections is the historic Progetti, designed in 1987. Creative inspiration does come from the most unsuspecting observations; case in point: Progetti is inspired by the idea of the handle of an antique walking stick. How is it possible that an armchair reminds us of a walking stick, you say? Well, the Progetti collection is the first where the armrests and part of the wooden structure are exposed: this tiny and seemingly unnoticeable detail has contributed to making this armchair a design icon. The wood that’s been employed is Pau ferro, a rare and sought after type of timber from Brazil, characterized by a red tint and an extremely hardwearing quality.


Iconic: the Progetti collection

It’s Progetti’s 30th birthday, and designers at Georgetti have been revisiting the classic collection with new finishes and colors; however, their search for new looks and styles still hasn’t stopped, and during the last few years they managed to come up with quite a few memorable designs. One of these is the Branca chair: richly cushioned and upholstered in leather, it’s supported by a light and dynamic structure made of ash; doesn’t this chair look like it’s taking a leap forward?


The Branca chair

As the most successful furniture brands all know, the only way to go forward is expanding in all directions while keeping an open mind. That’s why, from at least 1990, Georgetti has been seeking collaborations with artists, who never before designed furniture, as well as collaborations with world-renowned designers: it was thanks to such a collaboration that, in 2013, the Magica collection was born, designed by the Japanese Toshiyuki Kita. As the name itself suggests, the Magica has the gift of magically transforming and changing its shape: it can be rotated, reclined, and the headrest can even be folded away.


Dragon's blood Magica armchairs 

Giorgetti is not only sofas and armchairs; through the years, the brand expanded into the bedroom, and more recently, in 2016, into the kitchen, with GK.01, their first kitchen ever, introduced at Milan’s Salone del Mobile, even receiving the “Best Kitchen” award from the EDIDA (Elle Deco International Design Awards). We can’t wait to see how Georgetti’s kitchen adventure will go on! In the meantime, the brand’s bedroom department is more than well-established: in 2005, the Rea bed, created by another international designer, Chi Wing Lo, won the Wallpaper* Design Award for the category “Best Bed 2005”. The soft, winged shape of the headboard creates a safe, comfortable space, guaranteeing nights of stylish, quality sleep.


The winged Rea bed

In conclusion, we can’t wait to see Giorgetti’s style in all of its classic beauty and love for innovation at this year’s Salone del Mobile: will we witness the launch of another historic, game-changing collection?

Would you like to learn more about Georgetti? Check out their page!

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