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Hot stuff! The new summer 2018 interior design trends are here

Need some hot stuff to warm up this chilly spring? Take a look at a few of the new home décor trends that will take us through the summer.

23 March 2018 99 0

We’re officially in Spring, and yet, we’re still dragging the remains of Winter along with us. Well then, what better way to spend a cold and gray afternoon indoors, reading about the interior design trends we can expect for summer 2018? Let’s get started!

Ice cream color palette

It looks like this upcoming summer we’ll be devouring ice creams with our eyes, too! Ice cream colors, like soft strawberry pink, mint, light blueberry are going to rule our home. There’s no wonder: soft, fresh hues are perfect for an Indian summer. For instance, cushioned chairs are more similar to a torture device than to your average chair when it’s really hot: try upholstering them in ice cream-colored cotton fabric, you’ll feel the difference!


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The more concerned the world is starting to get about the environment, the more we can see this concern reflected in interior design trends. How? Houses are going green, and we’re not just talking about all those environment-friendly solutions like solar panels etc: they’re literally going green. Plants are most definitely conquering our interiors: live walls, with vines growing all over them, are now a thing. However, if you don’t have space for a live wall (or you find it slightly disquieting), there’s nothing to worry about: there’s plenty of cute, stylish vases and flower pots which you can use to display your love for greenery.


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A funny alternative? How about this chair? We like calling it the “Ent chair”, as it reminds us a bit of the living trees that J.R.R. Tolkien imagined to be living in Middle Earth's forests. But anyway, nerdy digression over! This chair is not green, but it certainly will remind you of the natural outside world. Actually, it’s a sculpture rather than a chair: a constant reminder of how much we need nature in our everyday lives.


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Yep, that 70s vibe is back again! Well, it actually will be throughout the whole year: you can read this article about the unexpected comeback of the 70s style. That said, rainbow motifs and patterns will be ultra popular this summer: bright, cheerful, they are perfectly in sync with the general summer mood. How about this wall lamp? Its basic and rétro design couldn’t fit any better into both the “70s” and the “rainbow” categories.


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Color pops

Unexpected and bright color pops are what you’re going to need this summer to brighten up your house! The best thing about this trend is that you’re at liberty to do just whatever you feel like. For instance, you can create temporary color pops, by selecting colorful throws, pillows and rugs, which you can then move around whenever you feel like a change. Otherwise, you can always opt for your personal semi-permanent exhibition: a few brightly colored pieces of furniture to always keep a summer vibe shining in your rooms.


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Indigo blue

Indigo is another color that is going to be big this summer! We imagine it’s because we need it in order to balance all the other bright shades out. Moreover, indigo blue is quite evocative: it’s the color of old-timey beach dressing cabins and vintage bathing suits.


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It goes without saying that almost nothing fits summer as much as good, old tropical patterns! Of course, the best solution here would be to have a garden where you can grow your own palm trees and breed your own cockatoos. However, if you do not live in a tropical area, you’re going to have to turn to some manmade tropical decorations. That’s not too bad either: hang around a few posters with flamingos, parrots and tropical foliage, and your house will be one step closer to being summer 2018 ready!


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