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Frankfurt fair Light + Building 2018: Eurooo was there too

The Frankfurt fair Light + Building just took place, and Eurooo was there to keep an eye on the latest innovations of the sector.

23 March 2018 118 0

Light + Building in the most important fair for the building material and lighting sector. This international fair just took place in the German city of Frankfurt, from March 18th until 23rd, and it was even a bigger success than expected. Over 2700 exhibitors took part in the event, arriving in Frakfurt from 55 different countries: a strong confirmation of the international appeal of this important exhibition. Eurooo participated too: a part of the company’s team went to the Frankfurt fair to get a first glimpse of the latest innovations of the sector and get in contact with the most interesting exhibitors and brands.



“Connected – Secure – Convenient” is the motto of this year’s Frankfurt fair in its field. The focus of the 2018 edition is ‘The smartification of everyday life’ and ‘Aesthetics and well-being in harmony’. At the world’s largest exhibition of lighting and building services technology, consolidated brands and emerging companies will be showcasing innovative products and solutions, ground-breaking technologies and original design trends. Exhibitors gave themselves a new challenge: to both increase the economic efficiency of everyone’s home and enhancing the comfort and convenience of life, while meeting the need for the security and safety too. Eurooo participated to the fair with great interest for this year’s main theme: the Italian-Chinese company, in fact, plans to expand on the smart home market and grasp this opportunity thoroughly. The same way Eurooo understood that e-commerce is the only way to go for trade marketers of the future, smart home products are an opportunity that can’t be ignored: that is why this sector already is a big part of the company’s current and future projects.



A central focus at Light + Building 2018 in the Lighting Product section has been the presentation of the latest design trends in the lighting market. Altogether, some 1,650 companies showcased their entire range of products and services in the lighting sector. Manufacturers also presented their latest products for technical lighting and lamps in a wide variety of versions and for all applications. At the same time, a wide range of both technical and designer luminaires, as well as decorative lamps of all styles, have been showed to visitors and potential partners, covering all price ranges and for both residential and non-residential environments. And the this large number of showcase has been completed by a large selection of technical lighting components and accessories, as well as outdoor and street lighting. The most renowned companies, such as the Italian brands Faustig and Artemide, Brand Van Egmond from the Netherlands, the German company Nimbus, proved the reasons of their success once again, displaying their latest creations and innovations.



Electrical engineering plays a key role in the building automation field, which is a key point in this year’s Frankfurt fair. Electronics, with its key cross-trade technologies aimed at creating holistic solutions, has a central function within building services technology. As a result, electrical and electronic solutions were exhibited at Light + Building 2018, in the context of other trades such as lighting and home and building automation. And through this unique combination, the products presented at the Light + Building brought  a crucial contribution to exploiting the potential for energy savings in buildings.



One particular area of focus in 2018  Frankfurt fair is security technology. Thus, the product groups relating to home and building automation and electrically controlled security technology participated the Light + Building exhibition for the first time. With leading suppliers from the security technology and building automation segments, the Intersec Forum and the current special exhibition ‘Secure! – Connected Security in Buildings’, have been gathering in the center for integrated building services technology of the fair. Here, the focus was on networked solutions and interfaces between the various different installations within the building. Altogether, the brands of this area were 150, with suppliers of security technology including, amongst others, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Telenot and many other. Eurooo’s delegation was fascinated by this new part of the Frankfurt fair, and was stimulated by the new technologies that were shown here. The Italian-Chinese team was able to compare the vision about the future of this sector with all the companies present at the fair, for a constructive and stimulating dialogue that may lead to future collaborations and mutual connections.



In addition to all the innovations and products that shown by the exhibitors, Light + Building 2018 also came up with a multi-faceted complementary program that, for the first time, was split into four categories – Emotion, Skills, Career and Selection – offering a theme-specific range of events for all the visitors, with special shows, lectures and meetings, presentations of experts in the specific fields. This year’s Luminale, the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design, collaborated in synergy with Light + Building fair: taking advantage of the presence of experts and artists of the light design field from all over the world, events and meeting were held to discuss future projects and ideas about imminent innovations. Exhibitions and fairs should always be a chance to look at the future: having a clear vision of the present, of what has been done so far, is a wonderful way to stimulate creativity and further progress.


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