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Terracotta & other stories: the main trend setters of 2018 for interior design

Terracotta & other stories: the 2018 trend setters for interior design

From terracotta color to pine green, from contrasts to monochrome: all the home décor trends for 2018.

Night blue, curry yellow and burgundy are the shades of color that in the last two years have ruled the interior design trends, making people fall in love with their uniqueness during furniture fairs and exhibitions. But 2018 brought a little revolution in home décor tendencies: intense shades of green, beige and the big surprise of the warm terracotta color are stealing the scene. The latest edition of the Maison & Objet fair in Paris - which ended in January - has clearly shown that a whole new range of tints, warm colors that remind of earth and nature, is entering our homes, decorating them with a renewed and warmer elegance. Get inspired by the terracotta and all the other trends that 2018 brought into the interior design world.


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Terracotta & other stories


The terracotta color is the biggest surprise in 2018 décor trends. This unique color that resembles shades like orange and salmon has made a long way from the makeup and clothes fashion that made it a trend in the early 90s, since now it is coloring the interiors of the most elegant homes. This shade, which with its mineral vibe recalls the homonymous ceramic material from the ancient Italian tradition, brings intensity and depth to the home decor. Terracotta is particularly suitable for leather furniture, such as sofas and armchairs: it makes them luxurious, warm and welcoming, combining with the unique texture of the material. Since it is a color with a natural allure, it is easy to associate it with bright and luminous colors, such as turquoise or bright yellow, over the canvas of a neutral color environment.


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Beige: a return to purity


In 2018 beige - the color of raw and undefined wool - will be a safe and elegant choice for your interior decoration. This tendency comes from a craving for purity and authenticity, a desire to return to nature and simplicity. Beige has been a huge trend in fashions design for many years, but in 2018 it will have its own specific importance, and will no longer play a secondary role compared to other colors. Beige and similar shades, such as crème or a delicate light brown, are perfect to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere, decorating your home like a private shelter from the frenetic lives we live every day: a Zen heaven for your peace of mind.


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Green: deep scent of nature


A dark and strong shade of green in our home décor can be capable of bringing us scent of authentic nature, and positively influence our mind, like a walk in an actual forest would do. In 2018 green will play a leading role both inside the walls of our homes and on the catwalks of fashion. The preponderance of this color is the logical evolution of the recent tendency to bring nature into home décor, not only with beautiful plants and tropical flowers, but also with pieces of furniture which steal their color to become luxurious and precious. Mixing different shades of green in your interiors will create a wonderful atmosphere: dynamic, welcoming and extremely sophisticated. Have fun and creat little green furniture island in your interiors, for your personal urban forest.


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2018 is the year of the monochrome


Whatever color you choose for your interiors, this year’s trends want you to go all in: 2018 is the year of monochromatic interiors. This is a choice for the most bold ones, who are not afraid they will change their mind about the home décor color so easily. Whether you want to follow the terracotta or green trends, or want to select some different shades, like a range of tints from night blue to ocean azure, you can go for it 100%, and create an environment that plays with all the shades of the chosen tint. Pay attention to proportions and sizes of the furniture you choose, and make sure to add some dynamism to the room you are decorating, so that the final effect is not too flat and monotonous.


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The year of contrasts


Another bold tendency for this 2018 is to decorate interiors with strong contrasts. A very coherent color scheme creates intimate atmospheres, but there is a thin line between intimacy and monotony. This is why we will see more often beautiful touches of black and gold in home décor: an impeccable solution to emphasize contrasts and give light to objects with a discreet elegance. Designers and stylists are learning to having fun again, playing with different textures and materials: smooth against rough, satin surfaces next to shimmering elements, simplicity alternating with opulent ornaments. Even the decorative patterns, geometrical or floral, are becoming preponderant.


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White, black and gray


In spite of everything, however, black & white resists, and keeps being an evergreen combo for interior design. The only difference, this year, is that the color white will be accompanied not only by black, but also all the intermediate shades of grey in between these two tints. Black will retain its preponderant role, but will be "distilled" in small touches to create contrast and to give rhythm to the environments. Grey remains a safe choice, but declined in its shiny and pearl shades. Even for this color, however, the new year has brought a small novelty, with a new slightly shade. To follow the previous rule about contrasts, add a few drops of bright color in your black, white and grey room: it will be elegant and super chic!


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