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Coffee break! 10 coffee table ideas.

10 different ways to enjoy fancier coffee breaks.

28 March 2018 159 0

Coffee tables will forever be part of our homes; they’ve established themselves as a way for us to express our personality. In fact, we could very much say our coffee table is our mirror; just think about it: wouldn’t a complete stranger still be able to grasp something about you, just by taking a glance at it? A certain flower arrangement, a book or a magazine, a funny mug...we’re sure to find at least one of these revealing objects on your coffee table. So, since we’re talking about such an important albeit small piece of furniture, let’s take a look at some ideas to add some extra flair to our coffee table!


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1. Mix wood and glass, rustic and refined

Who said a coffee table needs to be compact and uniform? If you enjoy being surrounded by the natural warmth of warm wood, give a chance to a primitive coffee table that combines a rustic log of oak with a crystal-clear heavy glass top. The creative touch here is given by these platinated steel plates that pierce the oak, forming unexpected angles and geometric shapes.


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2. Be minimal when the furniture’s heavy

If you’re placing your coffee table in a richly furnished room, you may want to grasp this perfect chance to balance it out; in fact, your coffee table décor should be pared down whenever its surroundings are already quite flamboyant. A minimal design made of dark, polished wood is guaranteed to fit in with most styles.


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3. Dare, with a statement table

Why not? After all, if you have a flamboyant, excessive personality, you should show it off with a luxurious table! You could select a piece with bold colors, or alternatively, with a bold material: as you must have already heard us say, marble remains one of the best choices in this regard.


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4. Light it up with candles

A coffee table is not a place for a super bright source of light: it’s often placed midway between the sofa and the TV screen, so it’s not ideal to have a bright light distracting us from what we’re watching. However, some candles would enhance the atmosphere without being a distraction!


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5. Two-tier table

A two-tier table is for people with an overflowing personality: you’ll have more room for displaying your favorite objects to share them with your guests, and for creating some style or color coordination with the rest of the furniture.


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6. More than one level

Since everyone’s personality has more than one layer, why not choose a multi-level coffee table? Besides offering more space, multi-level coffee tables are also very often characterized by dynamic designs that will add to the liveliness of the room.


Another piece by Naos Action Design

7. Select a colorful base

A colorful base will add a touch of cheerfulness to the environment; moreover, it will give you a chance to enhance the color scheme of the room!


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8. Use trays as space organizers

Use one or more trays to keep your coffee table tidy! You can organize the objects on your coffee table into distinct categories; you could use a tray for flowers and succulents, one for magazines, and another one for the rest of your knick knacks.


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9. Place a tray on an ottoman

Even ottomans can be employed as coffee tables, if you need more surfaces! For instance, if you’re having a tea or a coffee with your friends, you can put a few trays with a pot, a few cups and some snacks on your ottoman. The minute you need it as a footrest or as an extra seat, you’ll just have to remove the trays.


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10. Ditch the coffee table for a side table

This is actually an excellent solution if you don’t have that much room in the area between your sofas and armchairs: a regular coffee table would make it way too cramped. A narrow side table would be perfect instead: lined up against the wall, you won’t risk to bump into it every time you’re trying to reach the couch.


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