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《Designing Design》4 RE-DESIGN

Keywords: Design, Thinking

15 May 2017 23 0


Daily life defamiliarization

What is RE-DESIGN? In simple terms, it is design again. Its inner pursuit is to return to the origin, re-examining design around us, in the most approachable way to explore the nature of design. From scratch, of course, it is creation; but the defamiliarization is more than a creation. As I mentioned at the end of the first chapter, if it is necessary to give design a definition, I think the latter is more appropriate.

I have planed a macaroni design exhibition, but also created the image of the “rice” product and package for it. The work experience prompted me to keep thinking, then realized that daily necessities; might have another style. In fact, I did do a lot of practice on this concept. In this process, I learned a lot of people's view for design.

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