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Black and white: the color combo for your bedroom

Black and white: the color combo for your bedroom

Black and white is a color contrast that will never go out of style: let’s take a look at how to nail this ultra chic combo.

There’s a color combo that’s never going to get out of style: black and white. It’s been around ever since fashion began. Besides having established itself as Disney’s Cruella De Vil iconic go-to style, black and white shades have dressed hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, until finally finding their way into interior design too. We think this combination can give birth to a cool statement bedroom you can tweak anyway you like: sleek and modern, regal and grand, sober and controlled… Let’s see if we can help you out with a few pro tips!


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A balanced B&W mix

Your bedroom can be predominantly white for an angelic vibe, or predominantly black, for a a dark and cheeky devilish atmosphere, but there’s no rule against a perfectly balanced mix of the two! In fact, the result will be a collected and neutral bedroom that is sure to make you feel at ease and relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. Stark white walls will make it bright and airy, while gunmetal wooden boards will ensure a feeling of privacy and intimacy.

Pro tip: if you go for a dark flooring solution, adopt pure white furniture to create a feeling of continuity with the walls.


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Black accent wall

If an all-black bedroom is not to your taste (yet), start small-ish, with a black accent wall against which you’ll place an ultra comfy bed! Create a contrast between the solidity of the accent wall and the softness of the bed; a great way to do this is choosing a bed with a richly padded headboard. What this bedroom is going to tell about you is that you’re an angel face who might also hide some dark secrets you only reveal to a few chosen ones.

Pro tip: make that bed a little less angelic by mixing dark and light sheets and blankets.


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Gray accents

Have you considered gray as a third option? If you get the impression your bedroom looks either too cold or too uniformly black, throw some gray furniture in the mix to tone it down! By itself, gray can be a pretty boring color; however, it’s going to look just gorgeous in your black and white bedroom! Anyway, in order to make absolutely sure no piece of gray furniture in your bedroom looks boring, you just have choose those with a hint of color on them: even just a colorful stripe or a few bright knobs will do the trick.


A piece of design by TAM

Luxurious furs

For a truly regal bedroom, nothing on Earth can beat furs! Whether you choose a real fur or an eco fur, it’s completely up to you: we’d never step in between you and your ethics. Either way, a luxurious fur throw in full display on your bed will make the whole room worthy of a queen: can you hear Venus in Furs by Velvet Underground playing in the distance?

Pro tip: add a few low relief, golden sculptural stripes to complete this empress look.


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Bright light and dark black

A piece of furniture that would be really impressive is this essential, yet impressive circular lamp. The correct adjective to describe it is “pure”: a perfect circle of light, enclosed by a matte white ring. However, whenever this is the only source of light in a room, it looks like the frame enclosing the light is actually matte black: a simple but striking optical effect that tricks the eye into seeing more complex layers of reality. Ready to jump into this dimensional loop?


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Sleek and modern

This is just one of the countless examples we could give you of the versatility of the black and white combo. A black leather platform bed sits at the center of a minimal bedroom; the modern touch here is given both by the use of leather, and by the steel frame of the bed and the armchair both. This minimal bedroom releases a strong, masculine energy that will suit very well the busy but cool lifestyle of a successful professional.


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Black brick wall

We feel like the days of rough, red brick walls are over...for a few more months, at least. The industrial-chic style has been in decline for quite a while now, but what if you really, really loved those exposed bricks? As The Rolling Stones would say, paint them black! We’re aware this specific wall was designed with a kitchen in mind, but we see no reason why you shouldn’t be free to employ it wherever you like! In fact, we particularly love the idea of using ceramic bricks in the bedroom: their shiny nature will add liveliness and dynamism to the atmosphere. Disrupt the rules and do what your instincts tell you!

Pro tip: treat a black brick wall like you would a black wall paint. Meaning: have no more than one black brick accent wall.


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Velvet for layered shades of black

If you’re afraid pure black is going to make your room look too much one-dimensional, give velvet a try! Dark shades of velvet (like blue and violet) will work miracles for you. For instance, dark blue velvet will look almost black, with sudden flashes of light blue and even ice-cold white. Plus, the soft, rich texture of a velvet blanket will add a layer of complexity and mystery that cannot be equalled by materials like cotton, even though silk might prove to be a worthy rival.


Another elaborate design by Palmobili

Be dramatic

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor? Do you feel the need to be under a spotlight and just can’t resist leaving the center of a stage? Then some black Hollywood spotlights are what you’re looking for. Super bright and professional, it’s the type of light you’d expect to find brightening up the stage of the Barbican. They will be gracing your bedroom instead!

Pro tip: make the most of these spotlights by pointing each one of them towards the spots you’d like to highlight; a statue, a rug, anything you’d like to immediately catch a guest’s eye.


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Add a pop of color

Is there a colorful piece of furniture you happen to love? Place it in your bedroom! The black and white furniture will do an amazing job at bringing out this single, ultra bright pop of color! You can afford to be extravagant: a trippy, floral hand-knotted rug might be too much for an already colorful room, but it will fit incredibly well here, in this strictly controlled environment.


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Descent into the abyss

Now, this is a true touch of classy extravaganza: a spiral shower enclosure made out of a ceramic, black mosaic wall. There’s a rising trend for integrating showers into the bedroom; to be fair, this trend normally involves glass walls for an almost invisible shower, but there’s always room for going overboard! Take a trip down this mysterious black spiral, and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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