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Eurooo gathers with its commercial partners  for the 3rd meeting of 2018

Eurooo gathers with its commercial partners for the 3rd meeting of 2018

Eurooo meets its future partners, paving their way to a long and successful collaboration.

Eurooo is a young and successful company, but its team know that growth and success come with hard work and building trust boundaries. That is why very often the company holds meeting with potential commercial partners in its Milanese headquarters: it is a unique opportunity to share their vision, the results they have accomplished and the goals for the future. Today’s meeting was the third for 2018: a sign of the growing interest of the market towards Eurooo, and a result that promises to even go beyond the number of nine meetings held last year.


The reason of the collaborator’s interest towards this company did not came as a surprise: the results that Eurooo was able to accomplish in the past clearly show the potential of growth and expansion. But before pointing out at their strengths, Eurooo’s team wanted to sum up its previous history, to make the supplier fully understand the journey of this company. Eurooo is a sister company of Casaitaliana, the main online platform for European luxury furniture on the Chinese market. After its establishment in 2000, Casaitaliana was able to consolidate its position so firmly in Asia, that its chairman Wu Ruijun decided to create an international version of the platform. Eurooo, born in 2016, aims to reach a high-end clientele interested in having the vast range of options an e-commerce can provide, but the tailor made consulting that luxury furniture requires.


The potential partners were also briefed up about the whole business model of the Eurooo website: the clients are offered a tailor-made consultation about their project, they guided and advised in the choices about furniture, materials and style of the furniture they are purchasing, they are given a preventive before finalizing the order. After the deal is completed, Eurooo’s team will collaborate with the brands and the suppliers to guarantee the best and fastest service possible to the clients, and they will take care of the logistics and installation of the goods in the client’s house. This is a high-end service that no other company is able to offer on such a large scale, with such an attention to the client’s needs. During the meeting, many representative of some major furniture companies were able to ask questions and compare their vision and expectations with Eurooo’s staff, and the confrontation was interesting and stimulating for both sides.


The suppliers at the meeting were invited to share Eurooo’s vision and goal for the future. This company, in fact, was able to take up the challenge of the contemporary world, where the dynamics of buying and selling are constantly changing. E-commerce has a much greater potential than the traditional formula: it guarantees transparency for the clients, who can compare the information with other sources, it can provide a larger number of options, that no real shop could ever have in stock, and it has an expectation of growth far superior to traditional methods. And a platform like Eurooo can provide enormous advantages to the suppliers too, creating a connection between them and the international market. The platform is already available in English and by the end of 2018, it will be completely translated in 10 languages, guaranteeing an even bigger coverage of the international market. All the brands that partner up with Eurooo will be visible not only to English speakers, but also to Russians, Brazilians, Germans, French, Arabic and many other people. And there is more: this year Eurooo is looking forward to open its new offices in Russia and India, to have people on the ground and start a more specific marketing strategy for those countries.


The meeting was also a chance to present the recently launched platform Oujuhui, dedicated to products ready to be shipped. The platform works through a website and a smartphone app, that will make it easy both for the customers and for the suppliers to communicate clearly and provide a good quality service. Oujuhui is a ready-to-order home furniture delivery service that targets the Chinese market, selling luxury home products from countries all over Europe. It can be accessed both from the website and from the app, to meet every customer’s needs. But what makes Oujuhui stand apart from our online platform Eurooo? Oujuhui focuses on products that are ready to be delivered to the customer's door: this makes it a fast, easily accessible service  for dynamic people who already have a high-end house or apartment and are not willing to spend any time waiting. The potential suppliers were explained the advantages of collaborating with Oujuhui: matters such as the necessary documents, transportation, customs and installation are all handled by Casaitaliana.


It is clear that Casaitaliana, Eurooo and Oujuhui are working hard to make sure they take advantage of all the opportunities the market is offering right now, making all the effort necessary to meet international customers’ needs at a high level. The best suppliers and brands are invited to participate in this great company’s success, sharing their values and pursuing their vision together.

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